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Student in classroom using 1:1 device and headphones Student in classroom using 1:1 device and headphones

Branded solutions for Education

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For years BT and Apple have supported teachers to drive creativity in all students. With Apple devices, apps and training, it’s easy for students to thrive when it comes to technology in education. Together with Apple, we’ve come up with great solutions for education that can enhance learning outcomes to inspire teachers, students and staff member - unleashing creative potential for all

Teaching with Apple

Enhance learning outcomes with Apple solutions

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Apple Programmes for education and teachers

Making teaching and learning with Apple easy

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Apple accessibility features

Enrich learning for everyone with the in-built accessibility features of Apple devices

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Free iPad teacher resources from BT

Learn how to get the best out of iPad with our "Tech for Teachers" video series

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Apple in school and at home

Learn about privacy, security and supporting your child's learning

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Education leaders and Apple technology

Digital transformation for your learning environment with BT and Apple

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Apple Financial Services (AFS) for education

Flexible financing options for your school, college or university

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Easy IT for education

Implementation, deployment and embedding of Apple solutions for education

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The Apple operating system in the classroom

Apple have a versatile portfolio of devices to suit every type of learning.

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Apple Complete Classroom

BT has everything you need to create a complete Apple solution for education

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Why BT and Apple?

Working together to enhance learning outcomes

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BT and Apple case studies

Hear how we've helped other schools to realise their Apple vision

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Apple services for education

BT provides all the wrap-around services you need for a successful deployment

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Apple devices for education

iPad and Mac devices make learning fun and engaging

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Apple in Education hub

Enhance learning outcomes with Apple solutions and BT

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young girl using Apple device at home

Today’s schools need to invest in technology for their students to enhance learning for every pupil and enable them to compete in these innovative times. Together, BT and HP can offer you and your students the right solution to create a safe learning environment, have access to core content and to enable easy collaboration between teachers and peers.

HP services for education

Services that can be built and tailored for your school

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HP Original Supplies Ink and Toner

Save time and money without compromising performance or quality

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Reimagine learning with HP Sprout

Sprout Pro is a breakthrough immersive computer by HP.

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HP devices for education

Foster creativity and independent learning in the classroom with HP

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HP Print

Print more engaging classroom materials

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HP Trade-in

By recycling your old equipment with HP trade-in, you can fund the latest technology and learning solutions.

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HP for Education

Expand your tools and your pupil’s minds with HP devices for education

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young students using HP mobile device in classroom

When it comes to technology in education, your school, college or university needs more than just a device or service. You need a complete solution. With BT and Microsoft you can make learning experiences come to life and create dynamic learning environments and solutions for your classroom.

Why Windows 10 for education?

Windows 10 is the platform that students will never outgrow

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Office 365 Education

Get Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more for free

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Microsoft Surface for education

There's a device to suit everyone

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Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft is a game-based learning platform designed for classroom use.

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Microsoft 365 for education

A complete solution with Windows 10, Office 365 and Intune

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Microsoft Teams

The digital hub for teachers and students in Office 365 for Education

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Ideal Windows 10 devices for education

We've put together a curated line up of today's best Windows 10 devices

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Software Licensing

Software delivered via box, license or the Cloud Services Portfolio

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Specialist Licensing team

Their advice is always free, with no obligation to buy

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Why choose Microsoft for education?

The complete learning platform that your students will never outgrow

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young students all using windows devices in the classroom

Together with Lenovo, we’re committed to providing the right technology to develop children for the future. We can work with Lenovo to ensure your school has the right plan to build your vision and confidence with the right technology and devices.

Lenovo solutions for education

New ways of learning for your school

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Lenovo devices for education

Meet the needs of your school

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Lenovo Trade-In

Give your students the best technology to learn

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Why BT and Lenovo for your school?

Together with Lenovo, we’re committed to providing the right technology to develop children for the future.

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young male student using Lenovo laptop in classroom

Choosing Acer to support STEM teaching means that you can drive better learning outcomes and transform the way you teach these vital skills, whilst using devices that are affordable and easy to manage.

What is the Acer STEM?

Acer STEM Rewards offers schools, an opportunity to accelerate device refresh and enhance STEM learning outcomes.

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Acer Upgrade Reward Programme

The Acer Upgrade Reward Programme enables to schools to save money by trading in their old Acer devices

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Acer STEM Rewards Programme

Accelerating workplace readiness for the jobs of tomorrow

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young students using AMD devices to code robots

It’s known that students and staff want the fastest and most reliable devices and with the change in education and the way schools are enabling teaching and learning, we can understand why. Now that technology is playing a part in everyday life at home for children, we need to ensure we’re enabling them to get the best start with technology in school.

Windows® Laptops for Education Powered by AMD Processors

Windows Laptops with AMD Processors are built for education.

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Chromebooks™ for Education Powered by AMD Processors

Ensuring students get a powerful and responsive Chrome OS computing experience.

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AMD for education

Adapt your learning environment with AMD Processors

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Student in class using laptop with AMD technology

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