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IT Services

The IT Services journey

Here at Business Direct we provide a range of services for all your IT requirements. This means we can do everything from simply supplying hardware, to designing and managing complex networks. You can mix and match services to suit your business needs. Our fully trained IT Specialists are always happy to offer impartial advice.

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Plan your IT project

An IT project might begin with a site survey. It can save you time and money later on, as you’ll be confident that everything’s in place ready for installation. A site survey helps ensure your final solution perfectly meets your needs. It covers things like finding the optimum installation location and making sure your new kit has power and internet connectivity. Or that it can be safely installed if it’s heavy or awkward.

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Finance your IT project

The next step of the journey is to purchase your kit, but you may want to consider finance or leasing options. Lots of businesses choose to lease their IT equipment because it gives them greater control over their cash flow. Paying monthly means that your IT spend could be moved from CAPEX to OPEX.

IT engineer preparing IT equipment

Prepare your IT kit

This part of the process ensures that when it’s time to install your kit, it’s ready to go straight out of the box. Configuration is done before delivery. It could include a specific hardware build, PAT testing and asset tagging. Or even adding your corporate software and image on devices.

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Deploy your IT solution

We can install your new kit in or out of hours to suit your business and reduce any downtime. Your new kit will be unboxed, set up and ready for your people to use straight away. We can even arrange for your old equipment to be recycled as part of the installation process.

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Enable your people

When your new IT kit has been installed, it’s important to ensure that you’re making the most of your investment. We can provide training sessions to help your people use IT equipment with confidence. This covers everything from devices and printers to AV and conferencing kit in meeting rooms.

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Protect your IT investment

After your new equipment has been successfully deployed, you’ll want to ensure that it’s properly maintained. This is critical for your organisation's continuity. You can choose from a range of services for your IT estate. We offer different levels of support depending on your needs, from extended device warranties to a bespoke managed service contract.

IT service wrap

man and women configuring IT kit


We offer a bespoke configuration service for your IT kit. This covers everything from setting up devices to configuration of networks. And complex projects for servers and storage.

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Site survey and installation

You can rely on BT to handle everything from multi-site rollouts, to specialist installation of heavy equipment. We can work at height and in hazardous areas in most locations.

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Warehouse staff asset tagging stock

Asset tagging

Keeping track of IT assets is a key challenge for organisations. We provide an easy and hassle-free asset tagging solution through our trusted partners.

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Warranty and maintenance

Go bespoke for a maintenance solution that perfectly meets your business needs. Or choose an "off the shelf" warranty from the manufacturer who made your IT hardware.

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Three people discussing leasing options


We can help you spread the cost of your IT equipment, so budgeting is simple. We'll find the right leasing option to suit your business, moving IT costs from CAPEX to OPEX.

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Through our trusted IT partners, we offer a full range of recycling services. We'll ensure that your old IT kit is properly and securely disposed of, in line with the WEEE regulations.

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Staff member proving 1:1 IT training


When your new IT kit has been installed, it’s important to ensure you’re making the most of your investment. We can provide training sessions to help your people use IT equipment with confidence.

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Device service wrap

We can help you do everything you need to prepare devices so they're ready to go for users, straight out of the box. Plus, we'll help you manage them whilst they're in-life, and securely dispose of them at the end.

Sales staff explaining software licensing to customer over the phone

Software licensing

BT offers a complete range of software licensing options for your organisation. They can be delivered via box, through our Licensing Specialists team, or the Cloud Services Portfolio (CSP).

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