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Immersive learning experiences

Immersive Classroom takes students out of this world with a 360-degree, true-to-life, interactive learning environment

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Create a fun and inclusive way for every student to learn with our Immersive Classrooms

Harness the transformative potential of immersive technology and use it to enrich every aspect of education. Our multi-sensory Immersive Classrooms give pupils of all ages and abilities an engaging and expansive learning experience that goes way beyond traditional classroom-based methods.  Revolutionise teaching and learning with BT and Immersive Classroom.

Bring learning to life

Immersive Classroom creates experiences in which learners can not only observe but see and feel what it’s like to be there. It helps explain challenging or abstract concepts, develops creativity and sparks imaginations

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High quality projection

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All four walls
and floor

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Huge content

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Create bespoke

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Access ready-made content1

Teachers can access a huge content library of around 2,000 ready-made themes, making it easy to plan for lessons inside the immersive classroom. Plus there's access to curated content that's been shared by a community of other teachers.

Easily create your own themes1

Want to create something new? Go ahead.  You can spin up original content quickly and easily using template-based software. Or if you need a custom environment for a specific vocational course, you can work with our experts to build a completely bespoke theme.

Inclusive learning for all abilities

Whether the environment needs to be soothing or stimulating, immersive classroom can be adapted to suit the needs of students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), including multi-sensory effects and interaction through touch points on walls and floor.

Powerful 5G connectivity1

Every Immersive Classroom comes ready-enabled with our 5G connectivity. Its blazing-fast speeds and ultra-low latency are perfect for delivering the richest and most life-like immersive experiences for your learners.

Immersive Classroom installation options

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Utilise an existing space

We’ll work with you to repurpose an existing space within your building to suit a 360-degree learning environment.

Create a new space

We can create a new external space by siting a purpose-built Immersive Classroom “pod” within school or college grounds.

We can combine technologies to create the ultimate immersive experience

Reality (AR)

Modifies your real-world scene with digital simulations.

Reality (VR)

Completely simulates reality allowing users to interact with a new environment.

Reality (XR)

VR and AR combined to create an environment where digital and actual items co-exist and interact in real-time.

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Get students learning more naturally using all of their senses

Immersive Classroom gives students the opportunity to learn through sight, smell, touch and sound. Full sensory immersion helps them connect more naturally with the material they're studying, which increases engagement and deepens understanding.

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Develop problem-solving skills and improve information retention

Figuring out solutions by actively engaging with content helps students to develop critical thinking skills.  Plus, hands-on learning in a stimulating environment or true-to-life scenario helps them to retain information better2 than passively listening or reading. 

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Explore topics and places where time and travel aren't barriers

Immersive Classroom lets teachers take students to places they might not usually get the chance to learn. Everywhere is accessible for everyone, with realistic themes across history, the globe and beyond. For example, those studying astronomy can study the planets in space, just as an astronaut would.

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Create life-like work scenarios to support vocational students

Train the next generation of first responders, emergency services and more within a life-like interactive workplace simulation. In a safe and controlled way, Immersive Classroom lets learners practise how they'd respond in pressured or hostile environments, such as training for medical students in the ER.

Our Immersive Classrooms in action

Case study: Borders College

Learn how we worked with Borders College in rural Scotland to give students access to life-like training that would otherwise have not been available.

Discover: Create interactive content

Learn how easy it is to create bespoke, fully interactive content for your immersive classroom by working with our expert partner, Immersive Interactive.

Why BT for Immersive Classroom?

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End-to-end service

You’ll get a complete, secure end-to-end service, no matter how simple or complex your needs.  We'll make the whole process easy.

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Innovative and tailored

Multi-sensory capabilities allow for an even more sophisticated immersive experience, while our creative experts can help you develop content that exactly fits your needs.

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Dependable network foundations

Our always on, always secure network provides rock solid foundations for the ultimate immersive experience, with 5G connectivity ready to go.1

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Dedicated service desk

Our service desk offers expert support and advice, acting as a single point of contact to resolve issues and keep users up to date.1

Things you need to know

  1. Every Immersive Classroom solution is different and is built to meet each school, college or MAT's specific requirements. Once we've fully understood your requirements, we'll provide a bespoke proposal which clearly details the products, services and licences that will make up your solution, along with costings for an agreed contract term (usually three years).  Note that additional service and licence costs may apply after your agreed contract term ends in order to maintain functionality and service. This includes, but is not limited to, 5G connectivity, service desk and content library access. We'll explain all this clearly in our proposal. 
  2. Source: The Learning Pyramid - The CPD Certification Service ( Hands on learning methods can lead to a 75% knowledge retention rate, compared to 10% or less when students are passively listening or reading
  3. The services described on this page are subject to availability and may be modified from time to time. Services and equipment are provided subject to British Telecommunications plc’s respective standard conditions of contract. Nothing on this page forms any part of any contract.

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