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Upgrade your workspace and stay productive

When it comes to your workspace it’s important you have the best

Working styles are changing all the time and this has been even more prevalent in the last 6 months. The pandemic meant that companies had to think fast about mobilising their people and get them set up at home quickly.

Whilst this was in the best interest of their staff it left much to be considered for long term set up. Whether working in the office, working remotely or a hybrid of both getting the right equipment can make a huge difference to productivity and collaboration.

Agile working is becoming the norm now and with that comes considerations around being cost effective and looking after your people’s health. We've brought together products and solutions that allow you to easily upgrade your current investment and add necessary accessories cost-effectively.

Boost your performance with the right memory and storage solutions

Relying on old and outdated devices can cause problems when it comes to working productively. Upgrading device storage and memory is a simple and cost-effective way of getting that extra power and performance that you need to get the task done. This is even more important when working remotely as downtime from your applications means you can’t effectively collaborate with your colleagues.

Crucial ® SSD and RAM are compatible with over 100,000 systems and deliver a faster, more seamless computer experience for organisations. Doubling a systems memory often costs 75% less than buying a new system1, this makes upgrading with Crucial more appealing to IT managers instead of replacing their devices.


Crucial SSDs can offer exceptionally quick performance. They are raring to go immediately and also use relatively low amounts of power.


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Crucial DRAM is designed to help your system run faster and smoother, maximising the value of your system.


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Samsung offers a range of fast storage solutions that work seamlessly with your devices, with internal and portable solid state drives (SSD) and memory cards. Samsung can provide the storage your business requires.

Samsung 870 QVO

The 870 QVO is Samsung’s latest 2nd gen. QLC SSD and the largest of its kind that provides up to 8TB of storage. It offers an incredible upgrade for everyday PC users who want their desktop PC or laptop to the largest available storage in the market without compromising on performance.


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T7 Portable SSD

Take speed and style anywhere. Samsung Portable SSDs store huge data with fast speed, to transfer files or work directly off the drive without slowing down.


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Whilst working from home making sure all your devices are connected and working is vital. Downtime and connectivity issues whilst working away from colleagues leads to unproductivity and frustration. C2G have a cable for every job in their huge portfolio. From DisplayPort to HDMI, power supply to adaptors. Stay up and running with C2G.

C2G 2m Value Series™ High Speed HDMI® with Ethernet
£8.33 ex VAT
C2G 2m DisplayPort Cable with Latches M/M - Black
£11.65 ex VAT
C2G 1.8m (6ft) USB C to HDMI Adapter Cable 4K - Black
£30.26 ex VAT
C2G 1.8m (6ft) USB C to DisplayPort Adapter Cable 4K - Black
£34.17 ex VAT
C2G 2m HDMI to DVI-D Digital Video Cable

C2G 2m HDMI to DVI-D Digital Video Cable

£12.23 ex VAT
C2G 0.5m Thunderbolt 3 Cable (40Gbps) - 4K support - Black
£24.41 ex VAT
C2G 2m UK Laptop Power Cord (BS 1363 to IEC 60320 C5)
£4.82 ex VAT
C2G 2m 16 AWG Universal Power Cord (IEC320C13 to BS 1363)

C2G 2m 16 AWG Universal Power Cord (IEC320C13 to BS 1363)

Great Value Power Cabling From Cables To Go!
£5.77 ex VAT

Get to work faster with docking stations

With a laptop docking station, you can easily get set up with a full-scale workstation without any hassle. Work from multiple monitors, access all your peripherals and devices whilst sat at your desk. Easily disconnect and reconnect with a single cable when you need to.

Boost productivity

With extra ports, features and enhanced functionality for your devices

  • Access to multiple monitors and 4K video
  • Gigabit Ethernet connections
  • Additional USB ports and USB fast charging

Convenient and hassle-free

Work more efficiently with a clean and clutter-free workspace

  • Single cable connection
  • Laptop charging
  • Reduce connecting and disconnecting devices

Compatibility and simple installation

Flexible on devices and makes future-proofing easy

  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • Easy to set up with no drivers or software
  • Upgrade or change your device but keep the dock
C2G Docking station - USB-C, VGA, HDMI, DP

C2G Docking station - USB-C, VGA, HDMI, DP

£121.99 ex VAT
C2G USB-C Docking Station with 4K HDMI, Ethernet, USB and Power Delivery
£69.19 ex VAT Universal Dock USB-C & USB 3.0 60W PD Universal Dock USB-C & USB 3.0 60W PD

£210.66 ex VAT Triple-4K Monitor USB-C Dock Triple-4K Monitor USB-C Dock

£213.61 ex VAT
Dicota USB-C Portable Docking 4-in-1 with HDMI

Dicota USB-C Portable Docking 4-in-1 with HDMI

£40.22 ex VAT
Dicota USB-C Portable Docking 9-in-1 with HDMI

Dicota USB-C Portable Docking 9-in-1 with HDMI

£57.44 ex VAT
Dicota USB-C Portable Hub 4-in-1

Dicota USB-C Portable Hub 4-in-1

£33.80 ex VAT

Be confident that you can connect to any monitor and easily extend your display for seamless collaboration or multitasking. This solution can easily become part of your fixed set up at home or in the office. This small device can easily be transported between places if you need a solution on-the-go. USB-C Multiport Video Adapter 4-in-1 - 95W Power Delivery - Space Gray - 4K 60Hz
£64.19 ex VAT USB-C Multiport Adapter HDMI - SD Reader - 2xA 1xC - PD3.0
£60.88 ex VAT 4-in-1 USB-C to MDP, VGA, DVI or HDMI Adapter 4-in-1 USB-C to MDP, VGA, DVI or HDMI Adapter

£55.75 ex VAT USB-C to DVI Adapter - Dual-Link Connectivity - Active Conve
£40.69 ex VAT

Getting the right set up can make a huge difference to your productivity

As we’re becoming accustomed to the new normal lots of companies are offering employees a way of staying safe by working remotely. As this is set to be a long-term solution then you need to make sure that you have the right set up at home to stay productive and on task.

Using two monitors is the standard in most offices and workers are accustomed to the extra screen real estate. However, working from home doesn’t necessary mean you have a dedicated office space, so space saving techniques are vital. Incorporating a monitor stand is a great way to save space on your desk and allowing you to keep the extra monitor. Dual Monitor Stand Dual Monitor Stand

£90.98 ex VAT Desk Mount Monitor Arm - Articulating - 2x USB 3.0 - Premium
£124.18 ex VAT Desk Mount Dual Monitor Arm - Dual Swivel Articulating
£109.25 ex VAT

There are lots of companies that are adopting spilt working schedules where workers are doing some time remotely from home and the other half back in the office. Commuting back into the office means that you might have to transport your equipment between home and the office. Getting the right carry case for your devices and peripherals will make the journey much easier and protect your devices when you’re out and about.

Dicota Multi Roller SCALE Notebook Carrying Case 14-15.6" - Black
£70.48 ex VAT
Dicota Backpack Gain Wireless Mouse Kit

Dicota Backpack Gain Wireless Mouse Kit

£27.58 ex VAT

Things you need to know

  1. According to IDC data, the most-shipped Acer®, Dell®, HP®, and Lenovo® laptops and desktops from 2013-2015 had a list price of $400-600. Within this range, many systems shipped with 4GB of DDR3 memory, and as of 1 August 2016, doubling the amount of memory cost $37.99 on the Crucial manufacturer website (8GB kit of Crucial® DDR3 memory, part number CT2KIT51264BF160B) and a 275GB Crucial® MX300 SSD (part number CT275MX300SSD1) cost $69.99. Together, these parts cost $107.98 (without taxes) and are more than four times less than $500, the mean of the IDC data range for most-shipped desktops and laptops of the aforementioned brands. All prices subject to change and based on current exchange rates. Claim is for illustrative purposes only.

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