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A classroom with digital technology enhancing education standards and the learning environment

Digital standards in education

Build your digital transformation strategy on rock solid ICT foundations that make the grade

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Digital standards in education

Build your digital transformation strategy on rock solid ICT foundations that make the grade

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We’re here to support your
digital transformation journey

Technology’s changing quickly in education

And it plays a big part in delivering the best possible outcome for every student you teach. Through our dedicated team of education experts and our range of world-class ICT solutions, we help schools and colleges to create reliable and secure digital learning experiences that mean each individual student can achieve their full potential.


Our solutions measure up to the Government’s digital standards for education

Just like the Department for Education’s digital standards, our solutions are designed to give your school or college the right digital infrastructure to support your long term transformation strategy.

We’ve got solutions that measure up to expectations, right across the Government’s digital standards.

And because we’re BT, you’ll know that quality and reliability are built right in.

Meeting Digital and Technology Standards in Schools and College

Our solutions meet expected standards for:

Keeping Children Safe in Education - KCSIE

Our solutions meet expected standards for:

We’ll help your school or college to:


Meet all of the DfE’s digital standards and create a safer learning environment


Build a reliable underlying technology infrastructure to support modern teaching and learning approaches


Provide students with new learning opportunities via 1:1 devices and a cloud learning platform


Adopt more cost-efficient ways of working, like switching from on-premise to cloud-based solutions

A young, smiling school age student in class using digital technology for 1 to 1 device learning

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Find out more on how you can build your digital transformation strategy on rock solid ICT foundations that make the grade

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Get the right internet connectivity for education.
Choose BTnet

Cloud technologies can be transformational. Not just for teaching and learning, but for streamlining operations and saving money too. Technology is empowering, but it can only ever be as good as your internet connection. So don’t compromise.

A group of smiling young students leaving school

Learn more about BTnet and how it can support your school's digital transformation goals

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Government standards for broadband internet

Covers expected standards for:

A full fibre internet connection

With a minimum of 100Mbps download and 30Mbps upload speed for primary schools

Secondary schools, all-through schools and further education colleges need capacity to deliver 1Gbps download and upload speed

We’ll help you build an even more
resilient internet connection

With BTnet, you enjoy dedicated internet speeds with no delays – on a circuit all of your own. We expect to keep you online, all the time – with a 100% availability Service Level Agreement (SLA). But sometimes it’s out of our control and circuits can break. That’s why your school or college needs to protect its connection with a second circuit.

Teacher with two young students in a classroom where one of them is using a Virtual Reality headset which is tech supported by network resilience

Learn more about how we'll help you build a resilient internet connection

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Government standards for backup internet

Covers expected standards for:

Multiple internet connection services (of different service types)

Multiple routers and appropriate associated router programming to provide automatic failover to backup services as and when required

Redundant power options on core active network equipment

Improve your wireless network.
Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 with us

Even with the fastest and most reliable internet connectivity, neglecting your Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) means the overall experience could still feel slow and clunky. We’ll help you upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 – it’s the latest generation of Wi-Fi. It’ll help you banish dead-spots and boost performance across campus. Inside and outside if that’s what you need.

Two young students outdoors looking at a laptop screen with a wireless network powered by a faster, more reliable and improved BT Wi-Fi 6 wireless network

Learn more about Wi-Fi 6 and how it can support your school's digital transformation goals

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Government standards for wireless networks

Covers expected standards for:

Use the latest wireless network standard approved by the Wi-Fi Alliance

Have a fully functional signal throughout school or college buildings and externally where required

Central management of the wireless network

Security features to stop unauthorised access

We’ll help you modernise your network cabling
to keep pace with your tech

Cabling is the backbone of your school or college’s Local Area Network. It’s the hard wired foundation that ultimately supports all the voice, data and video traffic that moves around your site - even if endpoint devices connect wirelessly.

Secondary school classroom showing 1 to 1 learning  with two students and a teacher who’s looking at a student’s laptop

We’ll help you upgrade to a structured cabling solution that’s ready for digital transformation.

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Government standards for network cabling

Covers expected standards for:

Copper cabling should be Category 6A

Optical fibre cabling should be a minimum 16 core multi-mode OM4

New cabling should be installed and tested

Prioritise learning-critical traffic and apps with
managed network switching

The right switching solution can make a big difference to Local Area Network performance. We’ll help you give it a boost, with manageable network switching.

Student using a laptop with headset

Our IT experts can help you decide on the right managed switching solution for your school or college.

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Government standards for network switching

Covers expected standards for:

Fast, reliable and secure connections for both wired and wireless users

Central management of the network switching infrastructure

Security features to protect users and data from unauthorised access

Core network switches should be connected to at least one UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) to reduce outage impacts

Protect your network and keep
students safe from digital harm

Built with education customers in mind, our best-in class security and safeguarding solutions help keep everyone safe. And they meet the guidance outlined in the DfE’s Keeping Children Safe in Education and Prevent Duty.

Teenage secondary school female student walking along a road whilst looking at her mobile phone to showcase how BT protects your network and keeps students safe from digital harm

Learn more how we can help you build a safer, more secure learning environment

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Government standards for safeguarding and security

Covers expected standards for:

Appropriate IT security and safeguarding systems, under both child and data protection legislation

Effectively managed solutions that support identification and escalation of concerns

Content filtering


Digital safeguarding is much
more than filtering

It’s about protecting young people at every touch point. That’s why we’ve partnered with Smoothwall – the leading provider of digital safeguarding solutions to UK education. Together, we’ll help you exceed the Government’s standards for digital safeguarding and security.

Photo of a mobile smartphone depicting digital firewall, filtering and monitoring safeguarding technology and how it’s about protecting young people at every touch point

Learn about the impact that Smoothwall Monitor could have on your safeguarding processes.

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We’re a Smoothwall Platinum partner

With a dedicated education team who can guide and advise you on the best ways to secure and protect your school or college

Smoothwall Firewall

Smoothwall Filter

Smoothwall Monitor

Ask us about a free 30 day Smoothwall Monitor trial *

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Our friendly education experts are here to support you. Get the conversation started on your school or college's journey to meeting the Government's digital standards for education.
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