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Rethinking today’s patient care delivery and workflows with Dell EMC technologies

Dell Technologies helps you reach new levels of business agility, reliability and control with a simplified and consistent approach. Dell Cloud solutions are tailored specifically for your organisation.

BT Business Direct have a specialised public sector team who’re available to assist your healthcare organisation with the planning, development, deployment, and support of your virtual health solution implementation, including integration with your EMR and standard workflows Dell Technologies has collaborated with top virtual health and technology partners to deliver solutions that streamline workflows, improve patient safety, and inform caregivers to make better clinical decisions. Designed with healthcare providers and patients in mind, these solutions leverage best-in-class Dell Technologies multi-cloud platforms, enabling healthcare organisations to advance their virtual healthcare initiatives.

Why to deploy Dell EMC Powerscale for healthcare

Eliminate islands of storage

Dell EMC PowerScale provides truly scalable performance and consolidation of an organisation’s file shares and healthcare applications—eliminating file server sprawl, simplifying backup, disaster recovery operations, and reducing costs.

Eliminating storage migration

The simplicity of the Dell EMC PowerScale single file system solves the biggest pain point in healthcare application storage. The technology completely removes the time, cost, and complexity of manual migrations from the infrastructure.

Predictable scalability

Storage nodes can be added to a Dell EMC PowerScale cluster in about 60 seconds with no downtime, making upgrades easy and predictable without adding complexity.

Simple, efficient automated tiering

Dell EMC PowerScale SmartPools, PowerScale SyncIQ and PowerScale CloudPools allow you to focus more on your business, with vendor Neutral Archives, digital pathology, next generation sequencing, file share and other archive repositories.

How virtual health is expanding patient care engagement

For healthcare providers and patients around the world, virtual health has progressed from an optional service to a necessary one to meet the needs of coordinated care both inside and outside of traditional healthcare settings. From remote patient care to tele-ICUs and AI-assisted workflows, virtual health solutions provide the opportunity for healthcare organisations to rethink their clinical delivery protocols and workflows.

Never-Worry Data Migrations

Dell EMC has built-in technology to simplify data migrations direct from older systems to new systems.

Within healthcare budgets are frequently challenged. This allows healthcare workers to continue their day to day jobs without worrying as it supports data-in-place upgrades and enables your customers to easily gain more performance, capacity, or use newer products. The following products are included: Dell EMC Unity (AF/HF), SC Series, VMAX AF, Isilon (AF/HF), and ECS Appliance Hardware. (Does not include free services or controllers).


Clear Price

Within healthcare budgets are frequently challenged, this program recognises your need to be protected against unexpected problems or failures and most importantly protected against unexpected maintenance price hikes down the road. The Clear Price framework is for storage appliances, offering a two-tiered maintenance pricing structure for both prepaid (point of sale support services) and renewal engagements.

These predictable maintenance rates are for Dell EMC hybrid and All Flash storage appliances, including: VMAX, Unity, Isilon, XtremIO, Data Domain and ECS. (SC HFA and AFA Series storage are not included).


3 Year Satisfaction Guarantee

Dell’s 3-Year Satisfaction Guarantee is valid for Dell EMC Unity (HF/AF), SC (HF/AF), Isilon (HF/AF). ECS Appliance Hardware, VMAX AF, XtremIO, Data Domain Systems, Integrated Data Protection. Appliance (IDPA).

This Satisfaction Guarantee applies to new Dell EMC Storage product purchases covered by a 3-year ProSupport agreement at any level with remote access enabled with Secure Remote Services or SupportAssist. This Guarantee is globally available with a 5-year straight line deprecation rate.


Security across all touch points

Device security is a persistent requirement for existing and emerging healthcare technologies. Safeguarding patient data and hospital administrative data is becoming increasingly complex. The expansion of virtual health is resulting in a growing attack surface. More healthcare providers and staff are working remotely, and more intelligent IoT and IoMT devices are being added to the edge. From utilising high-granularity automatic fingerprinting to contextual anomaly detection at the sensor level, this new era of end-user device security is preparing hospitals to defend against cyber threats from AI-assisted ransomware, mobile malware, and other advanced persistent threats that we’ve seen more recently. This approach not only extends to existing IT security measures like firewalls and access controls but also leverages these systems to make them smarter, using unique data from each device to provide even more context and control.


Things you need to know

  1. Applies to select nodes with DTCP subscription pricing, contact your sales representative for details. Customer site survey and configuration workbook must be completed before order is placed. Excludes orders over 24 nodes, VMware NSX configuration, vRealize (vRA, vRO) components, and some other features. Product availability, holidays and other factors may impact deployment time. US only.

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