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Tech tips to empower remote learning​ Tech tips to empower remote learning​

Apple in school and at home - Information for parents

Learn about privacy, security and supporting your child's learning with Apple

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Not only is security and monitoring important, but so is the curriculum and how iPad can be used to enhance it.
Apple have created fun and engaging apps that can be used to enhance learning, bring it to life and make it really enjoyable for everyone.  And they're perfect for project work.  When you see your child's project created with apps like GarageBand, Keynote, Pages, iMovie and more, we can promise you'll be amazed. Creativity is unleashed.

We’re an Apple authorised specialist in education. This very special accreditation shows we have all the skills and knowhow to provide complete Apple Solutions for the education sector.

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An inside look to your child’s learning with Apple devices

Using Apple devices in the classroom to enhance your child’s learning means you’ll get more access to see what your child is up to. With apps like Schoolwork and Showbie, sharing work and feedback couldn’t be easier.

Two young girls using iPad in class

Schoolwork app

The Schoolwork app allows teachers to share work, set tasks, provide verbal feedback and monitor your child’s progression. What’s more, parents can sign in too, giving you a direct window into your child's learning to see for yourself how they’re getting along. There are even settings where teachers can see how much time each child has spent on each task. All this makes tracking your child’s learning easy and more effective than ever.

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Two teenagers doing homework on iPad

Showbie app

The Showbie app is similar to Schoolwork, but can be accessed from any device.  This means parents can log on from home, or work on their own device to check in on homework tasks.  Parents can also access any written or verbal feedback their child's teacher has added, as well as review marking and and see other documents.

Child with special educational needs using iPad

Apple supporting SEND -
inclusivity for every pupil

Supporting pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)is easy with Apple devices. With accessibility features built in to every iPad and Mac, each pupil can make the device their own, from colour filters, to read aloud, to motor skills settings.

Find out more about accessibility on iPad.

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Apple privacy and security in the classroom

We understand that parents and guardians will want to keep close to both their children's learning journey, and to the technology they're using.  Not just to support their learning and see how they're progressing, but also to be sure they're safe and secure.  When children use Apple devices in the classroom that are properly set up and managed, it couldn’t be easier.

This page highlights some of the ways that using Apple devices can give parents more visibility about their child's school experience.  We'll address the important issues of security and privacy too, giving you total peace-of-mind.

Security and privacy of Apple devices in the classroom

For Apple and BT, privacy is the first thought, not the last, especially when it comes to school pupils. That’s why every Apple product is built with an integrated approach to privacy and security. When this is combined with a properly set up management tool specifically designed for use in education settings, known as Apple Managed IDs, you know that student data and personal details are secure. And that's where BT comes in.

BT's Apple Education Specialists will make sure everything is set up right

Apple don’t sell data, they don’t share it and they don’t pass it on to third parties for marketing. Using Managed Apple IDs, BT's Apple Education Specialist will get your child’s school all set up with the right security settings so they're in complete control. They can choose to disable apps like iMessage, FaceTime and more to make sure your child is getting the most out of technology specifically for their learning.

Plus, by using apps like Apple Classroom and Schoolwork, teachers can see what content your child is accessing and support them to get back on task. So, if you know your child likes watching YouTube, you can ask the IT department to disable that app.

For more information on Apple’s Privacy and Security click here.

BT events for teachers on using Apple in the classroom

Take a look at how we're helping teachers to use Apple apps to enhance your child's learning. We regularly hold Apple events to inspire and train teachers to use Apple technology to its fullest. There are lots of exciting ways to develop a child's knowledge with iPad and Mac, and our events are a great way of giving teachers the inspiration to try them.

Siblings sharing iPad at home

BT resources to help parents with online safety

One of the biggest worries for parents is keeping their children safe online. But monitoring what they’re watching, who they’re talking to and what they’re accessing can be a challenge without the right know-how. BT’s Skills for Tomorrow programme pulls together a host of resources that can help when it comes to protecting your child from online dangers. From understanding online issues and setting controls, to general technology use and supporting home learning, we have resources to help.

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BT has a dedicated team of education specialists. We're here to support you with all aspects of your school, college or university's technology strategy across network, devices and apps. Just tell us how we can help and we'll have one of our education specialists call you back with free, no obligation advice.

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