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Case Study: Euxton Primrose Hill Primary School

Going 1:1 with iPad

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Getting started with a digital transformation can be difficult with many things to take into consideration. Working with BT and investing in an Apple solution can alleviate some of these challenges, as Headteacher of Euxton Primrose Hill Primary School, Gareth Caunce, tells us.

Headsets for Education

Overview – Euxton Primrose Hill
Primary School

Euxton Primrose Hill is a primary school in Chorley, Lancashire. The school was built in 1970 and, in 2015, had a £4.2 million expansion project to increase the capacity from one form to two form entry. The school will be at full capacity in 2021 with 420 pupils on roll. In 2013 Euxton Primrose Hill was awarded outstanding in every area from Ofsted. However, newly appointed head teacher Gareth Caunce knew that the school needed a digital transformation to help keep them moving forward. That's where BT came in.

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“The support from BT and their Apple Education Specialists has been invaluable. I would highly recommend working with BT for the purchasing of Apple IT equipment. The professional learning that comes along with the hardware is of the highest standard. It's personalised to meet a school’s individual needs and they are more than happy to help in any way required. They regularly check in to see if there's anything more that they can do to support.“

Gareth Caunce
Headteacher at Euxton Primrose

The Challenge – Rolling out a 1:1 solution

When BT started working with Euxton Primrose Hill Primary it's Ofsted rating was already outstanding. The challenge was to implement technology into school to improve the quality of education even further. The school needed to get teachers and staff on board with using new devices and embedding them into the curriculum and lessons. Together with Apple, BT supported with training and developing the staff’s knowledge and confidence.

Headsets for Education

“I knew we needed to look at incorporating technology into the classroom however, I didn’t want the great teaching and learning that was going on to be disrupted. At the time, we had 18 PCs in shared areas and that was it.

The governors and I developed a 5-year plan to invest and implement a hybrid system, so the pupils would have knowledge of a range of operating systems and would be best prepared for working life. We used BT's knowledge and resources to make sure we could train and equip staff and pupils properly.”

Gareth Caunce | Headteacher at Euxton Primrose

The Solution - A 1:1 iPad solution for your classroom

As Gareth wanted to implement a hybrid system, he started with laptops for students and iPad for teachers. However, it was clear to see that teachers found iPad easier to use, so they soon started asking for classroom sets. BT worked with the school to make sure it was investing in the right iPad models for their needs.  We also helped them make sure their underlying infrastructure and support was fit for a successful implementation. Gareth attended a few of BT's free events to gain more insight into rolling out iPad and to learn how we could work together.

After the first iPad phase was rolled out, the school introduced Apple Classroom. Apple Classroom is an application used in schools to help guide learning. It controls class work and allows pupils to share their work instantly with their teacher and the class, ensuring that every minute of learning time is maximised. Next, the teaching staff and assistants completed Apple Teacher - a professional learning programme to build confidence in using iPad technology in class. Again, together with Apple, BT delivered twilight CPD (Continued Professional Development) sessions to get the school started on their Apple Teacher journey.

Staff now feel far more confident using iPad to develop teaching and learning and this is having a phenomenal impact on pupils, who are highly motivated to work collaboratively. The school appointed a number of "digital leaders" from within the pupil community to act as super users. These digital leaders also joined the staff twilight sessions, and earned their Apple Teacher badges too. They now help and support other students.

“We originally decided to invest in 15 iPads per class. Teachers and pupils quickly adapted to using iPad technology and the benefits for teaching and learning in the classroom environment became clear.  That’s when we decided to go 1:1 .

Choosing BT as a partner was a no brainer. First they helped us get started with a Planning Essentials session then throughout the roll out, supported with training sessions on Apple Teacher, Showbie, coding and more.”

Gareth Caunce
Headteacher at Euxton Primrose

The result - Why choose iPad for your classroom?

In 2018, Euxton Primrose Hill entered the BT Tech Factor competition where they won £5000. This really helped the school move on with their technology thinking. With the money, they purchased Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, Augmented Reality (AR) active workbooks, green screens, AR T-shirts and iPad storage. The iPad additions have really helped students go even further with their learning and have added so much more hands-on creativity in the classroom.

At her recent visit, the Local Authority's school adviser was very impressed with this use of technology and commented about the impact this is having in her report. Through the Showbie app, the school has also improved parental communication by giving parents better visibility of their child's work. It also allows pupils to complete and submit their work whenever, wherever, speeding up their learning process even further.

Headsets for Education

“Over the past few years my school has built a great partnership with BT. I've supported them by sharing my story at the education customer events they run, including at the BETT show in London. Together, we've spoken to other schools about the importance of technology for learning and how to get it right first time. BT has also provided loan kit for the team at Euxton Primrose to try, as well as supporting with great advice at each step of our journey.

I'm excited at the future developments we're planning in school and look forward to working with BT and local schools to develop teaching and learning further.”

Gareth Caunce, Headteacher at Euxton Primrose

Help from BT

BT's Education Specialists helped Euxton organise and book Apple Professional Learning sessions for their teachers and teaching assistants.  Because these were run as after school sessions and therefore didn't disrupt the school day, they were also able to invite their pupil "digital leaders" (student early adopters). This extra training helped them support other pupils in school, thereby accelerating learning further.

BT also recently led training for a school cluster on the use of the Showbie app. This has already had a positive impact on teaching and learning, with staff now confident in creating online content, then quickly and efficiently sharing it with pupils which has reduced the amount of photocopying needed. Teachers can now monitor learning seamlessly, as well as provide feedback in different formats, including recorded verbal notes which is saving lots of time when marking.

Headsets for Education
BT partnered with Euxton Primrose school to:
  • Better understand the benefits of Apple technology in the classroom
  • Support the lead team to create and implement their technology vision, starting with a Planning Essentials session led by one of BT's Apple Education Specialists
  • Make sure iPad was right for their needs by loaning trial units
  • Procure, set up and deploy iPad to the classroom, including ongoing support
  • Organise and deliver twilight CPD sessions and Apple Professional Learning on Apple Teacher and Showbie
  • Help other schools with their own digital transformation journeys

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