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Boy in school uniform using a tablet device in a classroom Boy in school uniform using a tablet device in a classroom

Make hybrid and e-learning possible with 1:1 technology

BT and a one-to-one device strategy can help you unleash the power of technology to transform teaching and learning wherever it happens. In the classroom, across campus or at home.

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Trust BT to support your 1:1 programme at every step

At BT, we’re passionate about helping people to build better digital lives. 

We’re trusted by thousands of schools, colleges and universities across the UK to help them deliver amazing learning experiences for their students. Whether you're looking to evolve your digital strategy to deliver e-learning or hybrid learning, or you just want to learn more about 1:1 technology, we're here to support you.

Our always on, always secure network provides the rock-solid connectivity that educators can rely on, whilst our huge range of applications and devices - including Windows, Apple and Chromebook - help bring learning to life. And when it comes to your device-per-pupil roll-out, our 1:1 specialists are here to support you at every step of your journey.

Create your remote learning plan in eight simple steps with BT's education specialists. A device for every pupil is a real enabler for supporting remote, hybrid and e-learning during the challenges of Covid-19. Explore your remote learning options and provide continuity for your students with a digital 1:1 strategy. Find out more about the legal requirement for education >

Female student using mobile device in classroom

What is 1:1 or one-to-one computing?

Put simply, one-to-one computing just means a device for every student.

A 1:1 programme allows you to move technology out of the traditional ICT suite and directly into the hands of each individual learner so they’re empowered to achieve more.

Wherever they’re learning and whatever the lesson, a device per pupil is a real enabler for improved learning outcomes. It ignites creativity, encourages independent thinking and allows personalised learning experiences that support each individual student’s needs.

There are so many reasons to go 1:1. Here are just a few.

For students and parents

Improved engagement

Why confine tech use to the ICT suite? Bring mobile devices into any lesson to help maximise student engagement across the curriculum.

Personalised learning - Ideal for supporting learners with SEND

Easily adapt the learning experience to suit each student’s style. Use the in-built accessibility features of modern devices to make learning more inclusive for those with special educational needs or disabilities including language, sight, hearing, cognitive or physical special needs.

Access everything

Class work, homework or on a school trip - students can access their learning from anywhere. With a 1:1 programme and the right cloud-based learning platform in place, everything they need can be neatly organised and accessible from one place, from anywhere.

Work ready

Prepare students now for a world of work that revolves around device use and collaboration applications.

Better insight for parents

When the device comes home, parents and guardians have better visibility of what their child has been working on. Why wait until parent’s evening to update them on progress?

For teachers

Break free from the traditional format

Don’t be restrained to the classroom. Going 1:1 opens a whole host of learning options and locations.

Bring learning to life

Leverage a world of multimedia resources to help bring learning to life. Give learners options to consume information and acquire knowledge in a way that best suits their individual learning style.

Less admin, more time

Save time on everything from lesson planning to marking work. With the right apps, teachers can do it all digitally for a better work life balance and more time to teach.

Great visibility of progress

Use apps to easily assign work and track your learners’ progress, both in and out of the classroom. Teachers can focus their support when and where learners need it.

Meaningful feedback

Use audio and video notes to fly through marking. It’s a quick way to give richer, more meaningful feedback to students.

For school leaders

Learning continuity

With a device for every pupil, learning can happen anywhere. Snow days, exclusion or even a pandemic lockdown needn’t interrupt their education.

Level the playing field

Everyone gets access to the same learning experience regardless of family circumstances, both in school and at home.

Empower teachers and students to achieve more

Improve learning outcomes by giving teachers tools that help students collaborate, create, contribute in class and develop essential skills for the future.


With trade-in schemes to help reduce the cost of purchase and options to move up-front capital costs to regular OPEX payments (Operational Expenditure), investing in 1:1 can be very affordable. Consider parental contribution too as an alternative.

A wise investment with eco-creds

With everything happening in the cloud, you can reduce the need for physical "on-premises" server infrastructure and all the management and energy costs that go with it. Plus, save on the cost of physical resources like photocopied workbooks and reinvest the admin time they take to prepare into other projects. These factors combined help to make your campus a little greener.

Learn more about the benefits that 1:1 can bring to your school, college or university

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Female student using mobile device in classroom

Go 1:1 with BT - We're committed to the education sector

If you'd like to work with a partner that's as committed to improving educational outcomes as you, then choose BT.  With a dedicated education team to support you, and strategic alliances with the biggest brands in 1:1 like Microsoft , Apple , HP , Acer and Asus, we're in a great place to help you realise your 1:1 computing vision.

Add to this our public commitment to helping prepare the UK's children and young people to thrive in a digital world through our free-to-access programmes, and we're perfectly placed to be your trusted partner for EdTech.

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Case study: Euxton Primrose Hill Primary

BT makes adopting one-to-one easy

Our education specialists make choosing the right devices, accessories and service wrap for your school easy. But our support doesn’t end there.

We understand that to maximise the benefits of 1:1, you’ll need to focus on teacher, staff and student adoption too. Our experts help to make this simple, with a range of technical and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training to get you up and running quickly.

We make adopting one to one easy.

“We decided to go 1:1 and chose BT as a partner. The support from BT and their education specialists has been invaluable”

Gareth Caunce | Headteacher
Euxton Primrose Hill Primary School

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BT has a dedicated team of education specialists. We're here to support you with all aspects of your school, college or university's technology strategy across network, devices and apps. Just tell us how we can help and we'll have one of our education specialists call you back with free, no obligation advice.

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