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Funding your 1:1 device strategy

BT offers a range of ways to fund your one-to-one computing programme, including our fully managed parental contribution scheme. You choose the right option for your school, college or university.

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1:1 funding options to suit your needs

Whether you choose to buy outright or prefer to explore alternative ways to fund your investment in one-to-one computing, BT’s 1:1 computing specialists are here to support you.

Capital Expenditure (CAPEX): If you have available budget, buying your devices and accessories outright is a straightforward option. You’ll own the devices from day one and make your own decisions about how long into the future you use them for.

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Operating Expenditure (OPEX): Leasing can be a great way to secure the devices and accessories your 1:1 programme needs now, without having to find upfront budget to cover the costs. Instead of owning assets, you make regular payments, usually monthly, to use them for an agreed length of time.

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BT ComputAbility: Our fully managed parent partnership programme for 1:1 computing devices provides pupils with the technology they need to enrich their learning experience, without using your own computing budget.

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Realise residual value: Your old laptops, desktops and tablets could be worth more than you think. Ask us about device trade-in which can help to offset the cost of investing in new models.

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Buy one-to-one devices outright

For schools, colleges and universities lucky enough to have available budget, an outright purchase of your devices and accessories is a straightforward option. It could be cheaper in the long run and with no contracts or minimum term to consider, you’re free to evolve your one-to-one strategy as you see fit. With an outright capital purchase (CAPEX), you own the assets from day one. You’re also in the driving seat to decide the useful lifetime of your devices, allowing you to “sweat” your assets for a little longer and squeeze maximum value from your investment.

Public Sector Frameworks
If you prefer to buy through a Framework to ensure value for money and comply with buying procedures, then just let us know. BT is listed on a range of specialist procurement Frameworks that are accessible to education sector customers.

Leasing for one-to-one device programmes

Where budgets are tight and capital expenditure isn’t an option, consider moving your costs from CAPEX to OPEX via an operating expenditure leasing agreement.

Whilst finance leases are viewed as “borrowing” and are therefore generally prohibited for schools, operating leases aren’t. In fact, the Department for Education guidelines state that an operating lease is “the only type of lease agreement that can be taken on by a state-funded school without specific approval”.

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Why fund your 1:1 programme via an operating lease through BT?

  • No outright purchase cost means budget can be freed up for other essential capital projects
  • Devices are paid for over the fixed time period that you use them
  • This means regular fixed monthly payments, which makes spending predictable and cash-flow forecasting easier
  • Gets devices in the hands of your learners so they can help improve learning outcomes today, then pay over future time
  • Choose from a range of leasing options from carefully selected providers to ensure you get the right deal for your needs, including whether you want ownership at the end of the lease

Fund devices through parental contribution

A parental contribution programme, sometimes called a parent partnership or parental donation scheme, offers an alternative way to fund the devices you’d like your learners to use, without impacting school funds.

BT’s parent partnership programme - ComputAbility:
ComputAbility is a fully managed parent partnership programme for 1:1 computing devices from BT, delivered by our expert finance partner. It provides pupils with the technology they need to enrich their learning experience, without using your school or college's computing budget. Instead, parents and guardians are invited to fund their child's computing device, which can be used at school or at home, through regular monthly payments.

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Why fund your 1:1 programme via BT ComputAbility?

  • Minimal cost to the school or college. Devices are funded by monthly contributions from parents or guardians
  • Affordable for parents. Cost broken down into small monthly direct debit payments, with no credit checks
  • Easy to launch with light-touch admin for schools. We can also help you promote the scheme, including support for parent’s evenings
  • Fully managed from end-to-end, including collection of parental contributions
  • BT name builds parent’s trust and confidence in the programme

“BT’s programme handled everything and that was the big selling point for us.”

James Fendek
Business Manager | Aldridge School

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Trade-in old devices to help offset the cost of buying new

To help offset the cost of buying new devices, consider trading in your old laptops, desktops and tablets. They could be worth more than you think. Ask us about device trade-in, which can help to offset the cost of investing in new models.

BT’s close partnerships with all the world’s leading device manufacturers for education means we’re in a great position to help you understand your options. Manufacturers such as HP and Lenovo offer significant trade in discounts when you choose to buy new qualifying models from their ranges. It can be complex to navigate all the trade-in options, but our 1:1 specialists will make it simple.

Old education devices been traded in for new technology

Trade-in solves the disposal challenge too
Device trade-in offers more than a financial benefit for schools and colleges. It also resolves the issue of what to do with old and unused devices which can’t just be thrown in the bin. BT’s world class vendor partners offer schemes that ensure your old devices are recycled responsibly, sustainably and securely.

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