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Jabra solutions for healthcare providers

Get the message across with crystal clear communication solutions

Communication solutions engineered for your organisation

Healthcare providers have specific communication needs. When relaying information hearing and being heard is paramount. Getting the best communication solutions can make all the difference. With Jabra, you can rely on their products to give you crystal clear conversation when you need it most. Implementing Jabra solutions into your organisation allows you to future-proof your systems and offers high-grade security meaning you can be confident in your communication.

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, we understand the strain the NHS is currently operating under. Supporting practitioners to continue to provide outstanding care whilst dealing with this challenging situation is vital. Healthcare has always been an in-person experience, as this is no longer an option implementing solutions that allow for seamless communication can make such a difference to the experience. With the right tools and technology, you can maintain the human touch that’s so important to the doctor-patient relationship.

Remote Healthcare is expected to grow by 33% each year until 2025, with 46% of that market being represented by real-time virtual health1

Navigating healthcare in the age of technology

Delivering outstanding remote healthcare is about so much more than just seeing patients but making sure that they can be seen and feel heard. Jabra solutions are here to change the way patients feel when accessing vital services remotely.

Jabra Panacast in healthcare

Jabra PanaCast video conferencing

This professional video conferencing camera creates a full 180° view of the room allowing it to capture more of what’s happening. Whether it’s a socially distanced meeting of multidisciplinary clinicians or a one-on-one consultation the PanaCast makes sure that everyone can be seen.

This device is small and easily portable and can be moved between locations for maximum flexibility. This device is easy to manage and compatible with all leading UC platforms, there's no set up necessary.

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Jabra Speak 750

Jabra Speak 750 portable speakerphone

Make sure that meetings run smoothly with a portable speakerphone. Delivering 2-way audio this device allows everyone on the call to speak and be heard at the same time, making sure nobody misses vital information.

Jabra Speak 750 is a flexible, compact device that offers crystal clear audio with an impressive battery life. With USB and Bluetooth options available communication is seamless.

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NHS Jabra PanaCast Case study

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit many NHS teams needed fast and easy solutions to manage the separation of staff dealing with coronavirus patients and those that were not. A Specialist NHS foundation trust utilised the Jabra PanaCast video conferencing kit as a solution for clinical consultations.

Shift changeovers mean that all staff must participate in clinical consultations which can happen up to three times a day. Those working in the red zone dealing with Coronavirus patients are in full PPE which made communicating difficult and time-consuming. Consultants in the green zone for obvious reasons were unable to join their colleagues to take part in the clinical consultations.

By setting up a Jabra PanaCast and Speak 710 speakerphone they were able to gather the relevant multidisciplinary clinicians in the green side areas to meet with colleagues on the red side without the risk of transmission. The simple plug and play solution meant that these regular meetings ran smoothly and took up less time so that clinicians could continue to care for their patients.

The emergency services face many challenges every day and communication shouldn’t be one of them. For those teams, every minute matters. Communications have to be crystal clear, with no room for error. Working in the field there are times when open lines of communication are necessary and that’s where BlueParrott and Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie comes in. Give your emergency workers the tools they need to hear and be heard with superior communication in critical situations.

Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie

The Walkie Talkie app in Teams provides instant push-to-talk communication for your team, connecting team members across departments and locations. It enables clear, instant, and secure cloud voice communication, turning smartphones and tablets into a walkie-talkie. This functionality is built natively into Teams, reducing the number of devices emergency workers must carry and lowers costs for IT. Unlike analogue devices with unsecure networks, you don’t have to worry about crosstalk or eavesdropping from outsiders. And since Walkie Talkie works over Wi-Fi or cellular data, it can be used across geographic locations.

BlueParrott are the only headset manufacturer that have partnered with Microsoft to create headsets that are equipped with Microsoft Walkie Talkie Functionality. The BlueParrott headsets use the exclusive Parrott ButtonTM to provide one-touch access to Teams Walkie Talkie Push-to-Talk allowing users to engage with team members, customers and stakeholders seamlessly while on the move.

BlueParrott in Blue Light
Empowering Firstline workers with the right digital tools is critical to power productivity and efficiency. Our collaboration with BlueParrott takes Firstline worker productivity to the next level by offering two unique solutions for instant voice communication providing a true hands-free and seamless experience.

Mayank Verma | Director, Product Marketing for Modern Work Firstline Solutions at Microsoft Corp.

BlueParrot headsets – Engineered for use with Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie

BlueParrott’s C300-XT MS and B450-XT MS compact headsets are engineered for professionals working in high-noise environments who need to open a direct line of communication with team members. It’s perfect for emergency workers in the field, enabling them to communicate clearly and stay productive when it matters most.

BlueParrott C300-XT MS

BlueParrott C300-XT MS

With push-to-talk and MS Walkie Talkie in Teams

  • Engineered for use with Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie1
  • 80% noise cancellation
  • Up to 10 hours of talk-time
  • High performance, compact design
  • IP65-rated dust and watertight
  • Three comfortable wearing styles
  • VoiceControl™ for hands-free use
  • Three-year warranty
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BlueParrott B450-XT MS

BlueParrott B450-XT MS

Premium performance for use with Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie

  • Engineered for use with Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie
  • Blocks out 96% of background noise
  • Up to 24 hours of talk-time
  • Tough, IP54-rated design
  • USB-C charging
  • Padded headband and large, cushioned earcup
  • VoiceControl™ for hands-free use
  • Three-year warranty
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BlueParrott B550-XT Mono Bluetooth Wireless Headset
£132.72 ex VAT
BlueParrott B250-XTS Mono USB Bluetooth Wireless Headset
£78.65 ex VAT

Things you need to know

  1. Jabra Customer Database Survey April 2020

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