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Journey to Microsoft Teams with Jabra

Your journey from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams starts here

Microsoft Teams is replacing Skype for Business – helping businesses all over the world to collaborate more effectively and turbo-charge productivity. Jabra solutions are a critical component of the journey to adoption. Jabra Skype for Business certified devices are supported in Microsoft Teams. This means you can use call controls on your Jabra devices such as mute, unmute, answer, and volume up or down.

Jabra enables a positive user experience

The Microsoft Teams experience is heavily dependent on the tools that are used to access it. Jabra has a number of devices that are Teams certified, using them complete the Teams experience, enabling them to really get the most out of the platform and encouraging them to use it more frequently.

Do more with Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork that brings together all the collaboration and communications capabilities using the full breadth and depth of Office 365. Collaborate, meet, and share in a more open, fluid, and modern workspace.


In teams you can add flavour to your chats with emoji, GIFs and memes and even convert a chat into an audio or video call. In addition, Teams offers persistent chat, so you can find and resume any conversation.


In Teams, an @mention is like a tap on the shoulder, the perfect way to get someone’s attention in a channel conversation or chat.


Audio conferencing in Office 365 allows participants to join your Teams meetings from any telephone.


Join calls and meetings with Teams. Initiate, receive or join 1:1 calls and scheduled meetings with team members or others outside your organisation.


In Teams, you can now use your computer and phone together as companions in online meetings to present live mobile video, photos, your mobile screen, remote control PowerPoint, and even seamlessly move your meeting between devices.

Your journey to Microsoft teams with Jabra

Here’s how one business is getting the most out of the transition to teams with brilliant sound and a great user experience.

enviroment noisy profile high mobility solution jabra evolve 75e

Sales Executive

In this organisation, sales executives work in noisy environments, are always on the move and would wear their headset 24 hours a day if you let them. On a busy train, they make the most of calls on Teams with active Noise Cancellation (ANC) on their headset while they prep for their next meeting.

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enviroment moderate noise profile low mobility solution jabra evolve 75

The IT Manager

Back in the relative calm of the IT department, the IT Manager travels less but is always using Teams to connect with colleagues in Dublin and Singapore. Often sharing plans and screens – the IT Manager chooses a wireless headset with ANC to enable mobility when moving around the noisy office.

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enviroment moderate noise profile no mobility solution jabra evolve 80

The Finance Manager

At the desk is where you will find the Finance Manager, using Teams on the PC to present Quarterly Business Reviews. Dedicated to delivering the message with clarity, the Finance Manager uses a premium corded headset with ANC for maximum comfort and concentration.

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enviroment low noise profile high mobility solution jabra evolve 65t

The Senior Executive

As a member of the board, the Senior Executive works and makes decisions fast, moving from office to office and device to device. While travelling to the airport on a Teams call – the Senior Executive opts for True Wireless with superior sound, style and multiple device connectivity on-the-go.

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enviroment low noise profile low mobility solution jabra speak 710

The Marketing Director

The company’s Marketing Director is multi-tasking on a campaign from home – on a call with an agency and reviewing documents on screen. A premium portable speakerphone is the perfect solution to conduct clear conversations while collaborating online with suppliers.

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Jabra offer a full range of superior sound solutions that significantly increase the benefits of adopting Microsoft Teams. For the full range, visit our Jabra store

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