Windows 7 compared to Windows 8

Windows 8 has undergone a major redesign, so how will this new style compare to what we’re used to with Windows 7. View the Windows 8 Release Preview video below.

Different interfaces for desktop and tablet – With Windows 8, you don’t have to choose between a touch device and a
hard-working PC because you can have it both ways. Prefer a mouse and keyboard? Great. Prefer touch? Enjoy the convenience.

The Start Screen – includes a simple menu which provides easy access to some system tools: Control Panel, Task Manager etc and if you press Win+F, or just start typing a search term, then you’ll launch the Windows 8 search tool. The traditional Windows 7 start menu provided easy access to every aspect of your system -installed programs, recent documents and more. There simply isn’t room to display all this on the new Metro style display.

Task management – If you want to launch a regular Windows program you click the Start Screen “Desktop” tile which will launch something which looks similar to the current  Windows 7 desktop, but you won’t see buttons for any Start Screen apps you have running. Press the Windows key to switch back to the Start screen and everything changes. You can launch multiple apps, but there’s no taskbar to switch between the two. Pressing Alt+Tab displays all your programs on a single screen, whether desktop or Start Screen-based, and allows you to switch to the one you need.

Cloud Connected – Your Microsoft account is like a portable, personal PC that appears on any Windows 8 device you’re using. Sign in to your Windows 8 device with your Microsoft account and you’re immediately connected to your contacts, files, and settings.

Windows 8 Apps – Apps are the heart of Windows 8. You’ll be able to get up to speed quickly with a set of built-in apps for the things you do the most, plus In the Windows Store, you can search for or browse thousands of apps, all grouped in easy to-find categories.

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