Microsoft Surface Studio

The New Microsoft Studio – An Innovation in Technology

How to describe the new Surface Studio from Microsoft;

Sophisticated, Elegant, Powerful, Revolutionary.

Let me take you through some of the features that make the Surface Studio such an incredible innovation. Microsoft claimed to ‘turn your desk into a studio’ – and boy did they deliver!

Why is the Surface Studio Sophisticated?

As part of the Surface family from Microsoft there are a whole host of amazing features that make it stand out. The Surface Dial is a new gadget from Microsoft that gives you an even greater influence over your desktop and its applications. When placed on screen an interactive menu can be used to navigate through shortcuts, drawing tools, controls and much more. Along with the Microsoft Surface Pen, a fantastic piece of kit which feels as natural as pen on paper! Whether it’s taking notes, drawing or marking up documents it has the precision needed for any activity from fine artwork to the day-to-day.

Microsoft Dial
The Microsoft Dial used on the Surface Studio

What’s Elegant about the Studio?

The most remarkable feature of the Surface Studio is the zero gravity hinge that allows for effortless movement between desktop mode and studio mode. Effectively becoming a drafting table giving you space to visualise your ideas, perfect for Artists, Designers and Creatives. The hinge works in such a way that it can move smoothly between 90° and 20° stopping at any preferred position and still have pressure applied at every angle without tilting, meaning you can work however best suits you.

How is it Powerful?

The power behind this machine has everything you need for high performance and high quality. Choose between the i5 or i7 Intel Core depending on your requirements. The Surface Studio can power all kinds of applications helping you to take your creative versatility to a whole new level.

Utilising a 28-inch PixelSense display The Studio provides a huge canvas to work with, no matter the job in hand the possibilities are endless. The wide aspect gives you lots of room for creativity and flair and the range of screen positions available mean you can do anything from working upright or laying it flat for a more relaxed experience.

Microsoft Surface Studio
The Microsoft Surface Studio

The Revolutionary Surface Studio

The Surface Studio is making waves throughout the tech industry as a revolutionary device. In actual fact it’s more than a just desktop – it’s the first of its kind! With its state-of-the-art features and iconic versatile display screen, it’s no surprise that Artists, Designers and Creatives everywhere are choosing this Microsoft device over others as their preferred studio.

The sophisticated Surface Studio utilises the elegant hinge which gives you more control. The powerful PixelSense display and the additional applications all make it a revolutionary and iconic piece of technology.

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