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Future_proof your pupils with devices of the future!

How can you prepare your students for a career that doesn’t exist yet?

It’s the big question that’s playing on every teacher’s mind right now. The evolution of technology is currently going at an even more rapid pace than ever before, and the knock on effect this will have on the job market is thought to be monumental.  The jobs we know and do every single day will probably be either unrecognisable or won’t even exist in 10 years time. According to a report by Microsoft and The Future Laboratory,  65% of today’s students will be doing jobs that don’t even exist yet!1

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TechFactor 2017 Shortlist

A huge thank you to everyone who entered this years’ TechFactor competition


Updated on the 26/06/17 to include the winners

The video entries have all been watched, and the briefs have all been read. The students and teachers involved in every single one of the submissions should be extremely proud, as each entry was unique and inspiring to watch. There’ve been tears of laughter and tears of joy – but unfortunately, we couldn’t pick them all! So we’ve managed to whittle it down to our 10 favourite entries, all of which we’ll be presenting to our panel of judges next week for the final decision.

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Colour In Your Classroom

Bring your classroom out of the shadows as we bring you even more reasons to go from mono to multicolour

I’m sure you’ll be used to reading about the advancements in printing and how you need to take advantage of them. And that’s completely true. The research and development that’s done in the print space means that every three to five years they advance enough to justify a technology refresh. It’s now less expensive to print in colour, quicker and more eco-friendly to do so; all without compromising the quality of the print finish.

But with so many big brands talking about their “first page print speeds” and the number of “pages per minute”, how do you know which is best for your education environment? With the rise of devices being used as learning aids, do printers even still have a place in the classroom?

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