Security Matters: Advanced Protection with Fortinet

Fortinet is known for supplying businesses with secure infrastructures, with their networking and content security solutions.


Fortinet provides businesses with:
  • Network security
  • Data centre security (physical and virtual)
  • Cloud security
  • Secure (wired and wireless) access
  • Infrastructure (switching and routing) security
  • Content security
  • Endpoint security
  • Application Security
FortiGuard™ Security Services


FortiGuard Labs offers real-time intelligence on the threat landscape, delivering comprehensive security updates across the full range of Fortinet’s solutions. Comprised of security threat researchers, engineers, and forensic specialists, the team collaborates with the world’s leading threat monitoring organizations, other network and security vendors, as well as law enforcement agencies:

  • Real-time Updates – 24x7x365 Global Operations research security intelligence, distributed via Fortinet Distributed Network to all Fortinet platforms.
  • Security Research – FortiGuard Labs have discovered over 170 unique zero-day vulnerabilities to date, totalling millions of automated signature updates monthly.
  • Validated Security Intelligence – Based on FortiGuard intelligence, Fortinet’s network security platform is tested and validated by the world’s leading third-party testing labs and customers globally.

Industry’s broadest range of enterprise firewall plaforms


The FortiGate family is based on FortiASIC, a purpose-built integrated architecture that provides extremely high throughput and exceptionally low latency, while delivering industry-leading security effectiveness and consolidation which is routinely validated by independent real-world tests.

For example, the FortiGate 94D-POE and 98D-POE (pictured, targeted for distributed enterprises) contain consolidated security and networking functionality, various connectivity options along with Industry’s best performance in a compact form factor.

Fortinet’s network security appliances provide one platform for end-to-end security across your entire network. FortiGate next gen firewalls are optimized for internal segmentation, perimeter, cloud, data center, distributed, and small business deployments. Simplify your security posture with one security solution across your physical, virtual, and cloud deployments.

Take a look below:

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