How To Determine The Best Network Monitoring Tools For Your Company

As IT manager of a company, it’s your job to ensure the network is online at all times. You’ll be responsible for tracking all devices connected to the network, monitoring data transfer and resolving bandwidth issues. With the right network monitoring tools, you’ll find it easier to stay in control, as you’ll receive instant alerts when problems arise. So how do you determine which monitoring tools are best for your company? We’ve put together a guide on what features to look out for, followed by our top recommendations.1

Features To Look For

With so many different types of monitoring tools out there, it can be hard to know where to begin. The following is a list of useful features to look for when choosing the right tool for your company.

  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Customised alerts in event of a fault
  • IP tracking for devices connected to the network
  • Network usage monitoring
  • Customised network reporting tools with visual displays

When it comes to installation, the easier the better

Make your day-to-day job easier with a user-friendly monitoring tool that’s easy to install and integrate with your hardware.

  • Enjoy the full benefits and applications of the tool
  • The quicker it finds your hardware, the faster you can set up monitors

Sensors and nodes can help notify you

No matter how good your monitoring tool is, without sensors and nodes, you may find it difficult to spot problems straight away.

  • Alerts you in the event of hardware failure or a drop in performance
  • Buy sensors to monitor specific areas of your network

Top free recommendations

If you’re working to a tight budget or simply want to test the success of a network monitoring tool before buying, check out our top free recommendations.

  • Microsoft Network Monitor. Providing the user with detailed documentation reports, Microsoft Network Monitor is useful for gathering extensive network data. It’s better suited to those with experience of network analysis so if you’re new to the job, you may prefer a different tool.
  • With OpenNMS you can set up automatic notifications and alerts, as well as performance measurement. There’s even an app for your iPad or iPhone so you can access the tool on the go.
  • Advanced IP Scanner. With no installation required, it couldn’t be easier to set up Advanced IP Scanner. Download for free and enjoy features such as remote access, MAC address detection, and CSV exports of scan results.
  • Pandora FMS. This handy
  • Zenoss Core. The advanced notification system of Zenoss Core makes this tool a stand-out where IT monitoring is concerned. Use the performance statistics to stay in control of network management.

Top paid recommendations

If it’s advanced features you’re looking for, try one of these paid solutions.

  • With both desktop and mobile access, you can stay in control of network management whether you’re in the office or on the go. Leave this software running in the background and it’ll do the hard work for you – from network tracking to prevent issues from arising, to up-to-date data trends and hardware health information.
  • With reliable and timely alerts, use IPHost to monitor your network’s capacity levels and stay on top of issues with hardware – so the rest of your company can enjoy smooth running PC performance.
  • PRTG Network Monitor. Whether you’re a technical whizz or you’re new to the job, PRTG Network Monitor makes network management simple. Customise reports and enjoy real-time activity tracking from more than 200 nodes to prevent issues before they arise.
  • Keep productivity to a maximum with advanced and extensive network tracking and monitoring for desktop and mobile devices. SevOne has been designed with busy IT managers in mind.
  • Stay in control of the network with WhatsUpGold’s advanced tracking features that improve response times, keeping outages to a minimum.

Which network monitoring tools does your company use? Let us know in the comments below!

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