Enabling Today, Inspiring Tomorrow: Why AMD?



It’s always a difficult task when it comes to choosing a core processor for your technology, but it’s more difficult to know the differences between the ranges of processors on the market.

For over 46 years, AMD have been powering the most innovative technology, from the Microsoft® Xbox One™ for leisure, to Microsoft Windows 10-based laptops for businesses, and other computing equipment including personal computers, tablets, game consoles, and cloud servers.

AMD have pushed boundaries and delivered innovation with some of their accomplishments; they’re keen to impress their audiences with their core company values by working “The AMD Way”.


 Some of AMD’s achievements include:

• First chip to break the 1GHZ Barrier (2000)
• First x86 Native dual-core processor (2004) & quad-core processor (2006)
• First Accelerated Processing Unit (2010)
• World’s highest performing processors for 1-8P x86 servers and workstations (2005)
• The World’s First Fully DirectX ® 11-Capable Graphics Card (2009)
• World record-breaking CPU (2011)
• Climate Innovation Index Leader (Maplecroft Climate Innovation Index (CII))
• 100 Best Corporate Citizens List 2010 (Corporate Responsibility Officer Magazine)
• Top 500 Green Companies in the United States (Newsweek Magazine)
• LiquidVR™; AMD’s pioneering virtual reality technology that can help revolutionize everything from gaming, to medicine


What does AMD stand for?

Answer: Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)


What’s a GPU?

Answer: Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)




• AMD graphics cards include: AMD Radeon™ for laptops and desktops, and AMD FirePro™ for Workstations and servers
• AMD graphics cards are all designed to improve the ways we access, visualize, and interpret data, as well as collaborate and share information
• AMD Radeon™ graphics cards aren’t just great for gaming; they offer stunning image quality to enhance virtually everything you do
• AMD FirePro™ professional graphics offer capabilities that can help maximize productivity and help lower costs and complexity
• AMD FirePro™ compute power and ultrahigh-resolution multi-display capabilities are suited to industries working with CAD/CAM/CAE, Media & Entertainment, Medical, and many other industries for a whole new level of detail, speed, responsiveness, and creativity


What’s an APU?

Answer: Accelerated Processing Unit (APU)


• The AMD APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) combines the functionality of a multi-core CPU (Central Processing Unit) and a Radeon™ GPU on one small energy efficient chip
• Get more done, quicker, with up to 4 CPU cores and 8 GPU cores, enabling visually stunning graphics, superior performance, and long ‘all-day’ battery life


Why AMD?

• PC systems built on AMD APUs typically cost less than the competition, enabling you to stretch your budget further and get more features or performance for less
• Based on testing performed by AMD Performance labs, AMD have found that the AMD A10 APUs can provide up to double the graphics performance of the Intel Core i5


For more information on AMD, watch our video below:

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