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Metropolitan Police officers on patrol in London

Supporting policing in a changing digital world

Technology is creating a more agile digital force

Technology is enabling transformative change in UK policing

Policing is changing. Forces face new challenges from increasingly digital communities. But technology offers new opportunities to gather intelligence, collect and share digital evidence, and better serve the public.

BT is enabling that change through digital transformation. We’re a trusted provider of cost-effective digital solutions for the public sector. And our Connected Policing model will help you collaborate with other forces, empower your officers and prepare your force for a smarter digital future.

Digital technology can improve every aspect of modern policing

In recent years, policing in the UK has become increasingly complex. More services and transactions are taking place online. Cybercrime is growing and becoming more sophisticated. Emerging criminal and terrorist networks need tracking down and halting. Digital evidence is mounting too, from CCTV to phone records. Plus, the public want easy and consistent digital contact with the police.

Making the Policing Vision 2025 a reality

Police and crime commissioners (PCCs), along with chief constables and other policing bodies, have recognised the need for transformative change. Their Policing Vision 2025 recommends using digital technology to better serve the public.

Our digital technology can bring the Policing Vision 2025 to life. Making huge changes, with limited resources, and without reducing the quality of service, is a tough call. When you’re facing such challenges, we’re a powerful partner.

How can we help?

We’re at the forefront of connectivity and digital technology in the UK. We’re committed to working with police forces to plan effective and accessible services that also give you value for money. We’ll do all we can to help implement the changes needed to meet the 2025 vision.

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Why BT for business

BT supporting the Police in UK commumities

  • We can provide the right tools to help your workforce investigate incidents and crimes effectively. Our solutions will help you gather information quickly from mobile technology and use analytics to make decisions. You’ll be in a better position to tackle cybercrime.
  • We’ll make it easier for the public to contact you. We’ll find new ways for colleagues, forces and agencies to collaborate – even in the most high-pressure situations. And we’ll help you with the transfer of material to a digital format, so that it’s easily shared with the criminal justice system.
  • Our 500-strong service team can rapidly respond to any issue as it arises. And, on top of all that, greater efficiencies will mean lower costs for you.

Key challenges for modern policing

Our Connected Policing model is about supporting forces to do what you do best, with technology that can help you do it better and more efficiently. It’s based on what officers past and present tell us are the key imperatives and challenges for a modern force.

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Align increased demands with budgets

Develop a productive and cost-effective digital force. Save on costs while improving services by moving to a shared services model.

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Always connected and always ready

Empower and support the digital officers of tomorrow by allowing them to access and utilise the information they need, wherever they are.

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Connecting with UK communities

Better engage with citizens and increasingly digital communities by continuing to adapt to the modern policing environment.

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Let us protect your organisation

With our bespoke security capabilities, we can recommend the right solution for your data needs. We can help to keep data safe, protecting victims and police cases.

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