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Businesses who aren’t embracing digital transformation will fall behind, and miss a wealth of opportunities for growth. By moving to cloud-based communications in your office, you can speed up digital transformation.

Headsets can play a critical role in driving digital transformation for your business. Your employees need a collaboration solution that’s easy to use and works for them. And businesses with contact centres need to choose professional-grade devices that empower your people to be productive all day long.

Plan, deploy and monitor headsets with ease

UCC planning and deployment

As a business, you know the value of rolling out a Unified Communications and Collaboration solution, but you want to be able to do it right – and measure the results.

  • Plantronics can provide a complete solution for UCC deployment, which starts with careful planning.
  • Using Plantronics Manager Pro, your business can get a clear understanding of the devices currently used, choose staff for a pilot test and supply new headsets to them.
  • Usage in the pilot stage is tracked and any potential barriers to adoption across the business can be identified and resolved at an early stage.
  • After full deployment to the whole company, managers can use the same tools to assist with adoption and monitor usage.

Drive adoption

When you roll out new headsets, you’ll want to know that they’ve been activated and are used regularly. Plantronics Manager Pro gives you access to reports which show if and how headsets are being used. This means you can assist individuals who need help configuring their headsets, or would benefit from additional training to help them feel comfortable with their new devices.

Your people will also want to customise their headsets so that they work in the right way for them. Plantronics Manager Pro gives your IT department the ability to pre-configure headsets to suit individual requirements, making them easy for staff to use with minimal instruction.

You can make it easy for your staff to customise their Plantronics headsets with Plantronics Hub for Windows and Mac. The hub provides a central place where users can customise their ringtone and ring location, and configure presence updates.

  • Customise device settings
  • View mute and battery status at a glance
  • Easily update headset firmware when needed

Enhance customer experience

Businesses with contact centres will have targets to improve customer experience. The analytics that are available with Plantronics Manager Pro can have a big part to play in this. It’s possible to monitor conversations for training and coaching purposes, and identify periods of overtalk or silence, which could indicate a disagreement between a customer and your customer service representative.

You’ll also be able to give your people individually tailored training to help them develop their skills in handling difficult calls, and achieve the best outcome for your customer, and your business.

Considering security

With the focus on GDPR compliancy, as well as other industry guidelines that must be adhered to, you’ll need think about security when you choose a communication solution. DECT headsets are designed to keep conversations safe and secure, with confidential information remaining private.

With Plantronics DECT headsets, your IT department will also be able to disable and lock Bluetooth settings across your entire headset estate. Providing proof that Bluetooth has been disabled also reduces risks associated with security audits.

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