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Why CTOUCH for business and education?

CTOUCH for business and education

We’ve recently partnered with CTOUCH, one of the top three interactive flat panel display manufacturers in the UK for education. The partnership came as we saw the demand for interactive displays in both businesses and schools increase. With CTOUCH’s impressive portfolio, along with the Oktopus software and the range of sizes in interactive displays that they produce, we knew we could work successfully together to enhance learning and working environments.

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Collaborate and Educate

Collaboration can be the key to student engagement and success

In the workplace of the future, collaboration is going to have a big part to play. More and more work will become multi-disciplined and therefore will involve working collaboratively with people who have skills in different fields. According to the National Careers Service1, employees are looking for – and lacking- candidates with skills such as decision making, flexibility, and problem-solving; all skills which can be developed and nurtured through collaborative learning. It seems that currently, schools just aren’t preparing their students with these sought after collaboration skills. Of a number of teachers surveyed –

  • 95% said that the ability to collaborate is important and second only to problem-solving skills2
  • 91% believe that educators need to formally learn how to foster collaborative skills2
  • 87% believe that learning how to collaborate should be included in the curriculum2

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