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PSA Parts 18-20V 3.16 Amp Ac adapter

PSA Parts 18-20V 3.16 Amp Ac adapter

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Quicklinx: 4F3VWS00 Mfr#: CAA0631A


This AC adapter converts mains power to low voltage DC to power a portable device.

This adapter is designed for the following systems:

Acer AcerNote;

Acer Anywhere;

Acer Aspire;

Acer Extensa;

Acom FT6000A;

Acom Patriot;

Aec Olympia LT386SX;

AIM Green 759;

Alcam Designer 400;

Altima Maestro P79R;

AMS Tech TravelPro;

Ams Tech Rodeo;

Ams Tech TravelPro;

APP 87;

APT Green 795;

Argonaut Scout;

ARM 1100;

ARM ArmNote N30W;

ARM Green 759;

ARM TS30i2;


ARM TS759;

ARM TS795;

Aspen 6200D;

Atasi 1100;

Atasi 1200;

Atasi 900;

Broadax 6200D;

BSI 6200D;

Canon InnovaBook;

Chaplet 1100;

Chaplet iLufa;

Chem USA ChemBook;

Chicony 6200;

Clevo 86CE;

Clevo 98;

Clevo Miltimedia 98;

Clevo Model 862;

Clevo Multimedia Model 98;

Commax 6200D;

Commax NB8600;

Commodore Featron 6000;

Commodore P100;

Compal N30B2;

Compal N30W;

Compal N32NC;

Compal TS30H;

Compal TS30I;

Compal TS30I3;

Compal TS30T;

Compal TS30T3;

Compal TS30W;

Compaq Armada 2940;

Compaq EVO N105;

Compaq EVO N115;

Compaq EVO N160;

Compaq EVO N180;

Compaq Presario;

Compaq Prosignia 150;

Computerbook 6200T;

Consul 98;

CTX 893-T-FK;


CTX FC2A300;


CTX FC3A300;

CTX MegaPro 486;

DEC HiNote VP;

Delcomp Allistra 6200D;

Delcomp Allistra 6200D;

Dell Inspiron;

Digibook 1100;

Digibook Wizard;

Digital TS30H;

DTK Multimedia Model 86;

DTK Top-5A;

Dual AIO-6200;

Dual Technologies AIO-6200;

E-machines Eslate 400K;

E-machines eSlate 450K;

EOS AC Adapters;

EPS P75;

EPS Pentium 120;

Epson ActionNote.



Product Description
2-Power - power adapter
Device Type
Power adapter - external
Output Voltage
18 - 20 V

Detailed Specification


Device Type
Power adapter - external

Power Device

Output Voltage
18 - 20 V
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