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Toshiba Main Battery Pack 6-Cell 4200 mAh

Toshiba Main Battery Pack 6-Cell 4200 mAh

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This Toshiba battery pack is a 6 cell, rechargeable, removable lithium ion battery. Avoid finding yourself on the road with a dead battery by adding extended power capabilities to your portable computer with an additional battery pack.



Product Description
Toshiba Battery Pack - laptop battery - Li-Ion - 4400 mAh
Device Type
Laptop battery
Lithium Ion 6-cell - 4400 mAh
Batteries Qty
Designed For
Toshiba C40; Qosmio X70; Satellite C50, C50D, C50Dt, C50t, C55, C55D, C55t, C70, C70D, C75, C75D, L50, L70, L70D, M50D, P70, S70, S70t; Satellite Pro A50, C40, C50, C50D, C70, L70; Tecra A50



Device Type
Laptop battery


6-cell Lithium Ion
4400 mAh

Compatibility Information

Designed For
Toshiba C40-005 , Toshiba Qosmio X70-B-10T, X70-B-10V, X70-B-110, X70-B-112, X70-B-113, X70-B-11D , Toshiba Satellite C50-A-1E7, C50-A-1LF, C50-AN011, C50-B-00C, C50-B-01C, C50-B-021, C50-B-022, C50D-A-10Z, C50D-A-147, C50D-B-00M, C50D-C00V, C55-A-1U3, C55-A-1UE, C55-A-1UJ, C55D-A-15H, C70-A-15D, C70-A-15U, C70-A-162, C70-A-16N, C70-A-170, C70-A-17R, C70-A-17T, C70-B-006, C70-B-20W, C70-B-303, C70-B-305, C70-B-30T, C70-B-30U, C70-B-31G, C70-B-31P, C70-B-31V, C70-B-328, C70-B-33H, C70-B-33J, C70-B-34G, C70-B-353, C70-B-35E, C70D-B-001, C70D-B-107, C70D-B-10E, C70D-B-10F, C70D-B-10X, C70D-B-11E, C70D-B-11F, C70D-B-11G, C70D-B-11H, C70D-B-11J, C70D-B-302, C70D-B-305, C70D-B-30D, C70D-B-30E, C70D-B-313, C70D-B-314, C70D-B-316, C70D-B-317, C70D-B-31U, C70D-B-328, C70D-B-33K, C70D-B-33R, C70D-B-345, C70D-B-346, C70D-B-34L, C70D-B-34P, C70D-B-34T, C70D-B-34U, C70D-B-34W, L50-A-1EF, L50-A-1F2, L70-B-010, L70-B-011, L70-B-10R, L70-B-113, L70-B-119, L70-B-11C, L70-B-125, L70-B-126, L70-B-12U, L70-B-134, L70-B-13E, L70-B-13G, L70-B-145, L70-B-155, L70-B-156, L70D-B-004, M50D-A-10Q, P70-B-101, P70-B-105, P70-B-10T, P70-B-10U, P70-B-110, P70-B-111, P70-B-112, P70-B-116, P70-B-11C, P70-B-11D, P70-B-11H, P70-B-11P, P70-B-11R, P70-B-11U, P70-B-11V, P70-B-11W, P70-B-121, S70-A-11U, S70-B-00J, S70-B-00X, S70-B-106, S70-B-10F, S70-B-10M, S70-B-10V, S70-B-10W, S70-B-114, S70-B-117, S70-B-118, S70-B-11D, S70-B-11J, S70t-B-00D , Toshiba Satellite Pro C40-B-005, C50-A-1MM, C50-A-1MQ, C50-A-1MR, C50-BF07Q, C50D-A-146, C70-A-152, C70-B-10D, C70-B-10E, C70-B-10K, C70-B-10M, C70-B-111, C70-B-125, C70-B-128, C70-B-12C, C70-B-12Z, C70-B-131, C70-B-13K, C70-B-13W, C70-B-14F, L70-A-14W , Toshiba Tecra A50-A-013, A50-A-15R, A50-A-15W, A50-A-162, A50-A-171, A50-A-17L, A50-A-19J, A50-A-1D1, A50-A-1D3, A50-A-1D8, A50-A-1D9, A50-A-1F0, A50-A-1G8, A50-C-1FW, A50-C-1K0, A50-C-1KE, A50-C-1MV, A50-C-1NH, A50-C-1P7, A50-C-1T7, A50-C-1UG, A50-C-1V0

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Brand: Toshiba
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