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Panasonic VW-VBT380E-K Double Power Li-Ion Battery

Panasonic VW-VBT380E-K Double Power Li-Ion Battery

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Quicklinx: 9V6QWS00 Mfr#: VW-VBT380E-K


Genuine Panasonic lithium ion rechargeable battery pack which is suitable for the Panasonic HC-V720, HC-V710, HC-V520, HC-V510, HC-V210 and HC-V110 video camera models. 3.6 volt 3880mAh 14.0Wh capacity. Lithium ion technology so there is no need to discharge it before recharging it.



Product Description
Panasonic VW-VBT380E-K - camcorder battery - Li-Ion
Product Type
Camcorder battery
Lithium Ion 3880 mAh
Designed For
Panasonic HC-V10, V100, V110, V130, V160, V180, V210, V230, V250, V360, V380, V480, V500, V510, V520, V550, V620, V707, V720, V727, V750, V757, V770, V777, VX870, VX878, VX980, VX981, VX985, VX989, VXF990, VXF999, W570, W580, W850, W858, W870, WX970, WX979, WX990, WX995, WXF990, WXF991



Product Type
Camcorder battery


Lithium Ion
Voltage Provided
3.6 V
3880 mAh

Compatibility Information

Designed For
Panasonic HC-V10, HC-V100, HC-V110, HC-V130, HC-V160, HC-V180, HC-V210, HC-V210K, HC-V210M, HC-V230M, HC-V250, HC-V360M, HC-V360MS, HC-V380, HC-V480MS, HC-V500, HC-V510, HC-V520, HC-V520M, HC-V550, HC-V550CT, HC-V550M, HC-V620M, HC-V707, HC-V720, HC-V720M, HC-V727, HC-V750, HC-V750M, HC-V757, HC-V770, HC-V777, HC-VX870, HC-VX878, HC-VX980, HC-VX980M, HC-VX981, HC-VX985M, HC-VX989, HC-VXF990, HC-VXF999, HC-W570, HC-W570M, HC-W580, HC-W850, HC-W850M, HC-W858, HC-W870M, HC-WX970, HC-WX970M, HC-WX979, HC-WX990M, HC-WX995M, HC-WXF990M, HC-WXF991

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