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The MAGNESE Office power adapter offers durable and portable laptop charging. This is the ideal replacement for laptop chargers, available for a wide range of laptop models and geographical regions.

The MAGNESE power adapter offers very compact and portable laptop charging. Only 1.7cm thick and weighing in at around 190g this is the perfect companion for the mobile worker.



Product Description
Magnese UltraSlim AC Charger - power adapter - 65 Watt
Device Type
Power adapter - external
Power Capacity
65 Watt
Designed For
Compaq Presario CQ40, CQ50, CQ60, CQ70; HP nx6110, NX6125, nx6310; Business Notebook nc2400, nc4400, nc6140, nc6220, nc6230, nc6320, nc6400, nc8430, nx6110, nx6115, nx6125, nx6310, nx6325, nx7300, nx7400; Media Center HDX X18-1350; Mobile Workstation nw8440; Pavilion DV4, dv5, DV6; Tablet PC tc4400



Device Type
Power adapter - external

Power Device

Power Capacity
65 Watt

Compatibility Information

Designed For
HP Pavilion dv6-1009tx, dv6-1012tx, dv6-1013ea, dv6-1013tx, dv6-1016ez, dv6-1020ej, dv6-1020eq, dv6-1023em, dv6-1025ef, dv6-1025ei, dv6-1025ez, dv6-1040ej, dv6-1042el, dv6-1044el, dv6-1050ei, dv6-1060ev, dv6-1062el, dv6-1066el, dv6-1068el, dv6-1080eq, dv6-1100so, dv6-1100ss, dv6-1100sv, dv6-1101ax, dv6-1101tu, dv6-1101tx, dv6-1102ax, dv6-1102tx, dv6-1103ee, dv6-1103eo, dv6-1103tx, dv6-1104tx, dv6-1105ee, dv6-1105sl, dv6-1106tx, dv6-1107tx, dv6-1108ca, dv6-1108tx, dv6-1109tx, dv6-1110ec, dv6-1110eg, dv6-1110eq, dv6-1110et, dv6-1110tx, dv6-1115ei, dv6-1115et, dv6-1115ez, dv6-1119el, dv6-1120ec, dv6-1120ei, dv6-1120ej, dv6-1120ek, dv6-1120eq, dv6-1120sk, dv6-1122tx, dv6-1123ee, dv6-1124ca, dv6-1125ee, dv6-1125el, dv6-1125er, dv6-1125et, dv6-1125tx, dv6-1127cl, dv6-1128tx, dv6-1130ec, dv6-1130ei, dv6-1130ek, dv6-1132tx, dv6-1133et, dv6-1134ca, dv6-1135ei, dv6-1140ec, dv6-1140ei, dv6-1140ej, dv6-1140ek, dv6-1140ez, dv6-1145eg, dv6-1149et, dv6-1150ec, dv6-1150ei, dv6-1157ez, dv6-1160ei, dv6-1160ej, dv6-1199ee, dv6-2000st, dv6-2005ev, dv6-2005sl, dv6-2006eg, dv6-2010ec, dv6-2010sa, dv6-2010ss, dv6-2010st, dv6-2010sv, dv6-2012ef, dv6-2014er, dv6-2015er, dv6-2016ez, dv6-2017eg, dv6-2017er, dv6-2019er, dv6-2020er, dv6-2020ev, dv6-2022er, dv6-2025er, dv6-2026es, dv6-2028es, dv6-2028ez, dv6-2030er, dv6-2040er, dv6-2043el, dv6-2051el, dv6-2055er, dv6-2059eo, dv6-2062eo, dv6-2065et, dv6-2070ez, dv6-2090er, dv6-2130et, dv6-2131et, dv6-2132se, dv6-2132sf, dv6-2133ee, dv6-2133se, dv6-2134eo, dv6-2134et, dv6-2135ec, dv6-2135er, dv6-2135et, dv6-2135ev, dv6-2136ev, dv6-2140ee, dv6-2140ei, dv6-2140ep, dv6-2140es, dv6-2143ez, dv6-2145eo, dv6-2145et, dv6-2147eo, dv6-2150ek, dv6-2150eq, dv6-2150et, dv6-2152ee, dv6-2153ee, dv6-2153eo, dv6-2156et, dv6-2157et, dv6-2157ez, dv6-2165eo, dv6-2165et, dv6-2167ss, dv6-2170ef, dv6-2170et, dv6-2180ek, dv6-2185es, dv6-2190ev, dv6-2195et, dv6-3306el, dv6-6011el, dv6-6129sl, dv6-6151el, dv6-6196ep

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