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HP Care Pack Pick-Up and Return Service Extended Service Agreement 3 Years

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Quicklinx: 8GQYWS00 Mfr#: UM963E
Contract Length: 3years
Response Type: Pick-Up and Return Service
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This HP Care Pack extends coverage for your HP product beyond the original factory warranty. The plan includes telephone technical support via a dedicated phone line, remote diagnostic services and hardware repairs during the extended coverage period.

  • HP will repair or replace with no loss in coverage, including coverage over multiple instances

    Have true peace of mind with HP Care Pack service plans. There are no deductibles, coverage limits, or hidden fees. Multiple instances are covered and if a replacement is required, your coverage will continue with the new product.
  • Conveniently connect with an HP service representative 7 days a week by phone or chat

    Call or chat online with an HP Care Pack service representative around-the-clock for convenient, friendly and knowledgeable product service.
  • Have confidence that your issues will be resolved with original HP parts supported by HP know-how

    Have confidence that your issues will be resolved. The company who manufactured the equipment, services the equipment with original HP parts supported by HP know-how.



Product Description
HP Care Pack Pick-Up and Return Service - extended service agreement - 3 years - pick-up and return
Extended service agreement
Pick-up and return
Full Contract Period
3 years
Designed For
OMEN by HP 15, 17; OMEN Obelisk by HP 875; OMEN X by HP 2S; HP 14, 15, 17; Chromebook 14; ENVY 13, 14, 15, 17, dv6, dv7, m6, m7; ENVY Rove 20; ENVY Sleekbook 14, m6; ENVY TouchSmart 14, 15, 17, m6, m7; ENVY x2; x360; Pavilion 14, 15; Pavilion x2; x360; Split x2; Stream 14

Detailed Specification


Pick-up and return
Full Contract Period
3 years


Service & Support
Extended service agreement - 3 years - pick-up and return

Compatibility Information

Designed For
OMEN by HP 15-ek1109TX, 15-en1015AX, 17-ck0078TX , HP 14s-dq2077tu, 14s-dq2930nd, 15-dw3233ng, 15-dw3248ng, 15-dw3254ng, 15-dw3263ng, 15-dw3267ng, 15s-fq2053ns, 15s-fq2055ns, 15s-fq2060ns, 15s-fq2930nd, 17-by4004nl , HP ENVY 13-ba0008na, 13-ba0059tu, 13-ba0080tu, 13-ba0553na, 13-ba0558na, 13-ba1000no, 13-ba1013na, 13-ba1014na, 13-ba1061no, 13-ba1063no, 13-ba1072no, 13-ba1165nd, 13-ba1287nf, 13-ba1515TU, 13-ba1565sa, 13-ba1840nd, 13-ba1841nd, 13-ba1845nd, 13-ba1846nd, 13-ba1848nd, 13-ba1849nd, 13-ba1858nd, 13-ba1859nd, 14-eb1350nd, 14-eb1390nd, 14-eb1490nd, 15-ep0000ns, 15-ep0003ns, 15-ep0004ns, 15-ep0005nl, 15-ep0010na, 15-ep0027no, 15-ep0030no, 15-ep0045nl, 15-ep0099tx, 15-ep1310nd, 15-ep1330nd, 15-ep1350nd, 15-ep1380nd, 15-ep1395nd, 17-cg0003nl, 17-cg0004nn, 17-cg0008nl, 17-cg0010nm, 17-cg0155ng, 17-cg0177ng, 17-cg0511na, 17-cg0511sa, 17-cg1000na, 17-cg1001na, 17-cg1350nd, 17-cg1720nd, 17-ch0000no, 17-ch0001na, 17-ch0001no, 17-ch0002no, 17-ch0020na, 17-ch0121nf, 17-ch0122nf, 17-ch0220nd, 17-ch0250nd, 17-ch0290nd, 17-ch1008nl, 17-ch1220nd, 17-ch1250nd, 17-ch1290nd, 17-ch1720nd , HP ENVY x360 13-ay0011nn, 13-ay0020nl, 13-ay0040AU, 13-ay0095au, 13-ay0106au, 13-ay0505sa, 13-ay0802no, 13-ay0820nd, 13-ay1002au, 13-ay1150nd, 13-ay1250nd, 13-ay1825nd, 13-bd0017na, 13-bd0018na, 13-bd0062no, 13-bd0100nd, 13-bd0504na, 13-bd0510nd, 13-bd0537TU, 13-bd0550nd, 15-ds0014nf, 15-ed0006nl, 15-ed0503na, 15-ed0504na, 15-ed1000na, 15-ed1000no, 15-ed1001na, 15-ed1011tx, 15-ed1504na, 15-ed1870nd, 15-ee0501nd, 15-ee0504na, 15-ee1002no, 15-ee1027au, 15-es0025no, 15-es0074nf, 15-es0200nd, 15-es0540nd, 15-es0560nd, 15-es0570nd, 15-es0650nd, 15-es1540nd, 15-es1560nd, 15-es1570nd, 15-eu0000no, 15-eu0001no, 15-eu0004na, 15-eu0005na, 15-eu0012no, 15-eu0024no, 15-eu0034no, 15-eu0100nd, 15-eu0150nd, 15-eu0200nd, 15-eu0500nd , HP Pavilion 15-eg0028na, 15-eg0049na, 15-eg0053na , HP Pavilion x360 14-dw1027no, 14-dw1234ng, 14-dw1254ng, 14-dw1275ng

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Contract Length: 3years
Response Type: Pick-Up and Return Service
Brand: HP
Price Range Ex VAT: £50 - £100
Stock Status: In stock
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