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Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

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Quicklinx: B5HCWS00 Mfr#: MD837ZM/A
Device Type: iPad, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini + 2 more
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The World Travel Adapter Kit includes a set of seven AC plugs with prongs that fit different electrical outlets around the world, each laser-etched with the regions they are compatible with. For world travelers, this is the perfect kit to ensure power connectivity in most countries you may travel to. The kit is designed to work with iPod, iPhone, and iPad, and is compatible with Apple MagSafe and MagSafe 2 Power Adapters (for MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air), 10W and 12W USB Power Adapters, and Portable Power Adapters. The AC plugs included in the World Travel Adapter Kit directly support outlets in North America, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, and Brazil.



Product Description
Apple World Travel Adapter Kit - power connector adapter kit
Power connector adapter kit
Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, North America, Continental Europe, Brazil, United Kingdom
Designed For
P/N: MC461LL/A1, MC461TU/A, MC556LL/B1, MC556LL/B-BUN, MC747LL/A1, MC747LL/A-BUN, MC747TU/A, MD506LL/A1, MD506LL/A-BUN, MD565LL/A1, MD565LL/A-BUN, MD565LL/A-HIL, MD592CH/A, MD592LL/A1, MD592LL/A-BUN, MD836KH/A, MD836LL/A1, MD836LL/A-BUN, MD836ZP/A, MJ262LE/A, MNF72KH/A, MNF82KH/A, MNF82ZP/A

Detailed Specification


Power connector adapter kit
Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, North America, Continental Europe, Brazil, United Kingdom


Cable Kit Details
7 x power connector adaptor

Compatibility Information

Designed For
P/N: MC461B/A, MC461B/B, MC461E/A, MC461J/A, MC461LL/A, MC461LL/A1, MC461LL/A-BUN, MC461T/A, MC461TU/A, MC461X/A, MC461Y/A, MC461Z/A-SF, MC461ZM/A, MC461ZM/B, MC556, MC556B/A, MC556B/B, MC556B/C, MC556D/B, MC556E/B, MC556LL/A, MC556LL/B, MC556LL/B1, MC556LL/B-BUN, MC556X/A, MC556X/B, MC556Z/A, MC556Z/B, MC556Z/C, MC556ZM/A, MC556ZM/B, MC747, MC747/A, MC747B/A, MC747B/B, MC747CZ/A, MC747D/A, MC747DK/A, MC747E/A, MC747F/A, MC747FN/A, MC747J/A, MC747K/A, MC747LL/A, MC747LL/A1, MC747LL/A-BUN, MC747MG/A, MC747N/A, MC747PO/A, MC747PRT/A, MC747S/A, MC747T/A, MC747TU/A, MC747X/A, MC747Y/A, MC747Z/A, MC747Z/B, MC747ZM/A, MC747ZM/B, MD506B/A, MD506B/B, MD506CI/A, MD506DK/A, MD506DK/B, MD506E/A, MD506LL/A, MD506LL/A1, MD506LL/A-BUN, MD506LL/A-R, MD506SM/A, MD506SM/B, MD506X/A, MD506Z/A, MD506Z/B, MD506ZM/B, MD565/A, MD565B/A, MD565B/B, MD565CI/A, MD565DK/A, MD565E/A, MD565J/A, MD565LL/A, MD565LL/A1, MD565LL/A-BUN, MD565LL/A-HIL, MD565SM/A, MD565X/A, MD565Z/A, MD565Z/B, MD592B/A, MD592B/B, MD592B/BOB, MD592CH/A, MD592CI/A, MD592DK/A, MD592DK/B, MD592E/A, MD592LL/A, MD592LL/A1, MD592LL/A-BUN, MD592SM/A, MD592SM/B, MD592X/A, MD592Z/A, MD592Z/B, MD592ZM/A, MD836, MD836B/A, MD836B/B, MD836CI/A, MD836E/A, MD836KH/A, MD836LE/A, MD836LL/A, MD836LL/A1, MD836LL/A-BUN, MD836LL/A-K, MD836S/A, MD836X/A, MD836Z/A, MD836ZA/A, MD836ZB/B, MD836ZM/A, MD836ZM/B, MD836ZP/A, MJ262AM/A, MJ262B/A, MJ262LE/A, MJ262LL/A, MJ262LZ/A, MJ262X/A, MJ262Z/A, MJ262ZP/A, MNF72B/A, MNF72KH/A, MNF72LL, MNF72LL/A, MNF72LZ/A, MNF72X/A, MNF72Z/A, MNF82B/A, MNF82KH/A, MNF82LL, MNF82LL/A, MNF82LZ/A, MNF82X/A, MNF82Z/A, MNF82ZP/A

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