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Why we've changed our name from to BT Business Direct

BT Business Direct - We've Changed!

In April 2006, became a wholly owned subsidiary of BT and since this time, it's pretty much been "business as usual" for our business and organisational customers. But behind the scenes, the story is very different. In fact, our entire business has quietly been transformed.

Although we're still great at bringing our customers a huge range of big name IT hardware and software products at really low prices, we're now able to offer this and so much more besides.

Being part of BT has allowed us to extend our product portfolio to include a wide range of both Voice & Data solutions and IT services such as hardware configuration, installation and deployment. And the result? Quite simply we're now able to offer a more complete "end-to-end" service, combining the traditional product portfolio with BT's entire range of business ICT services.

Delivering end-to-end solutions means drafting in experts from all the different parts of BT, which we recognise can sometimes be confusing for our customers. So we've had a light-bulb moment.

We're all part of BT and are all working together for our customers, so why not have one shared name?

New name, new look has changed its name to BT Business Direct. Our website, catalogues and all our stationery has been re-designed to reflect the BT style.

If you have any questions about our new name, or if we can help in any way, we'd love to hear from you. Either call your Account Manager or dial our main sales team on 0870 429 3010.

BT Business Direct - We've Changed!

Everything your IT strategy needs - all from one rock solid, secure and trusted supplier.

No changes to your website log-in, your account, or to our contact details.

Although our name has changed, we've tried hard not to change the way our customers deal with us. So your login will still work on this new BT Business Direct website and you'll still be able to access your transaction history.

If you use our 'Roles and Permissions' scheme to help stamp out maverick online IT spend or you have a credit account with us, then these services are still in place. You'll just need to change our supplier name and bank details on your payment processing system - please check your invoices for more details. Likewise if you have an Account Manager, please continue to use the same contact numbers.

And you'll still be able to buy our entire 20,000+ hardware and software product portfolio from all the world's leading vendors on BT Business Direct, as well as our Software Licensing, Server and ICT services. Popular products on offer include business telephone systems, laptops, and printers for business.

BT Business Direct - We've Changed!


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