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IT solutions for Government and Defence

BT offers transformational IT solutions for local and central government organisations.

Governments are faced with ever increasing demands and responsibilities; citizens’ expectations are growing, fuelled by interactions with companies that are redefining customer service. Technology has the potential to help government organisations meet these demands by managing the customer service experience for citizens, allocating resources effectively and using data in a way that’s smart and secure. BT’s long history of supporting the public sector to get connected means that we’re well placed to provide transformational IT solutions.

Transformation is dependent on developing the infrastructure and tools that allow government organisations to be there to help citizens, whether they are offering care, services or advice. The key to this is using technology to unlock productivity, increase collaboration and support mobility, whilst reducing and automating admin work. Working together with our colleagues across BT, we can offer a complete service covering network infrastructure, hardware and software.

Local Government

Central Government


IT Solutions for Local Government

Millions of people rely on essential public services, but their needs are changing. People are living longer. Demand for social care is rising. More people need more resources. And increasingly, many of us are choosing to communicate using social media. Local government organisations are looking for new approaches to help them:

  • Improve and manage customer relationships
  • Collaborate with colleagues, partners, and suppliers
  • Integrate health and social care programmes
  • Achieve efficiency and cost savings

We believe that technology can facilitate the transformation needed to meet these challenges, and support local government organisations to make lives better.

Transform your services with IT

The right technology can help create new channels of collaboration and communication both internally and externally. The latest mobile technology can free people to work seamlessly wherever they are, allowing them to concentrate on their priorities.

The potential to integrate local government services through technology is huge. It can deliver real value through reducing costs, creating efficiencies, boosting productivity and enabling new ways of working.

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IT Solutions for Central Government

The financial challenges that the UK Government has faced over the past few years are unprecedented, forcing cost-cutting measures upon already pared-down services. And now the Government is facing new challenges – continuity of services to those in need as we prepare to leave the EU.

We believe we can help you meet those challenges head on with technology – working with you to help create efficiencies and savings, whilst improving delivery of your services.

Collaboration and Mobility

Collaboration between departments is critical to meeting the increasingly complex challenges government faces. The right technology can make collaboration seamless regardless of people’s location or device. We’re experts in enabling the mobile workforce, boosting productivity whilst freeing people to work more flexibly.

Visit our 'Mobilise Your Workforce' mini site to find out more. 

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Security is essential to any technology project in government. Protecting citizens’ data and ensuring communications remain private is a critical responsibility. Working closely with experts in BT Security, we offer robust solutions including the latest threat detection software, smart mobile device management and hardware with security features built-in.

Visit our 'Security Matters' mini site to find out more.

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IT solutions for Defence

Defence organisations need adaptable IT solutions to help them respond to new threats, control spend, provide secure access for staff, and source the right data exactly when and where it's needed most, all in an increasingly digital world.

We offer more than just devices or infrastructure; our solutions enable and drive digital transformation. We've got 2,500 security experts across the globe, and we work with world class partners to deliver the solutions that keep your people connected wherever they are. We're trusted by the MOD, the police and other critical services, and we've worked with defence organisations for over 100 years.

Supporting the MOD to protect against cyber threats

Challenge: MOD wanted to integrate existing system security information sources to create a centralised security capacity and expand its situational awareness.

Solution: : BT designed and deployed a fully accredited cyber-defence solution called eCND (enhanced computer network defence) to deliver round-the-clock support.

Value: : eCND is helping the MOD identify potential vulnerabilities more effectively, reducing the window of exploitation open to threat sources.

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