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Windows 10 Pro

The best Windows yet is here. Keep your organisation protected whilst simplifying it. Windows 10 Pro delivers more personal and productive experiences and lets you effortlessly switch between devices for maximum productivity. Designed to change your expectations, Windows 10 Pro PCs do more. Just like you.

Modern Windows 10 Pro devices help you focus on what’s most important: running your business. With cutting edge security, productivity and management features built in, Windows 10 Pro gives you peace of mind, while saving you time, money and hassle.

Free, built-in protection from security threats

  • Windows Defender Antivirus
  • Windows Firewall
  • Trusted Boot

A lost device doesn’t have to mean leaked data

  • BitLocker1
  • BitLocker to go

Employees won’t need to remember passwords

  • Windows Hello2

Securely separate business from personal information

  • Windows Information Protection

Stay protected anywhere

Free built in protection from current and future security threats

  • Windows Defender Antivirus - Windows 10 offers built-in malware protection to help keep you safe from viruses, spyware and other malicious software. Windows Defender Antivirus runs in the background, notifying you when you need to take specific action.
  • Windows Firewall - Built into Windows 10, Windows Firewall helps notify you about suspicious activity if a virus or worm tries connecting to your PC. It can also block viruses, worms, and hackers from trying to download potentially harmful apps.
  • Trusted Boot - Windows 10 closes off the pathways that allow malware to hide by starting before the malware does, helping to ensure your PC boots use only trusted software. Rest assured that your system will start with integrity and help defend against modern threats.

Don’t lose your mind over lost devices

A lost device doesn’t mean leaked data

  • BitLocker1 & BitLocker to Go – keep your peace of mind by encrypting your data on your computers’ hard drives and even on your USB drives, so your business information is protected when a device is lost or stolen.

Forget your password? That’s a reason to smile.

You and your people no longer need to remember passwords

  • Windows Hello2 - Your smile can be your password. Windows Hello is the password-free sign-in that gives you the fastest, most secure way to unlock your Windows devices. Using your face or fingerprint, it recognises you apart from all others, waving you in with a friendly hello. It even works on apps3 and compatible websites when browsing with Microsoft Edge. And because Windows Hello is designed on industry security standards, it provides a trusted identity option that prevents phishing and can resist breaches. And now, Windows Hello is supported by Active Directory.
  • Devices unlock your PC - Windows Hello2 lets you use your phone and other Windows Hello companion devices to quickly unlock your Windows PC without using a password. Companion devices4 know who you are and give you another choice for quick, secured sign-ins that can meet some of the strictest regulatory compliance standards.

It’s just business.

Separate your business information from their personal information

  • Windows Information Protection - Control how your people use your business data – blocking them from copying customer or financial data into social media apps, for example. You can help protect data wherever it lives, without affecting your user experience5.

Single sign-on and more control over your devices

  • Azure AD join6
  • MDM Client
  • Domain join
  • Group Policy
  • Windows AutoPilot

Decide when and how to update

  • Deferred Updates
  • Windows Update for business

Manage your business apps with flexibility and ease

  • Microsoft Store for Business7
  • Assigned Access
  • Client Hyper-V

Control. Simplified

Single sign-on and more control over your devices

  • Azure AD Join6 - Control how your people use your business data – blocking them from copying customer or financial data into social media apps, for example. You can help protect data wherever it lives, without affecting your user experience5.
  • Domain Join + Group Policy - IT staff can easily manage PCs, user accounts and groups, security policies, and get easy access to files and printers when you pair Windows 10 Pro with Windows Server.6 You can even define specific security and networking policies for your users and devices.
  • MDM Client - Windows 10 Mobile Device Management (MDM) support lets you use cloud-based management services6 to control business and personal devices. Your employees get access to corporate applications, data and resources from virtually anywhere on almost any device, while IT gets help keeping your business information secure.
  • Windows AutoPilot - Users themselves can configure new devices (without IT ever touching the device) with cloud-based services such as Azure Active Directory6, Microsoft Intune6 and third party MDM services6.

Say When

You decide when and how to update your devices.

  • Deferred updates With deferred updates, you get new Windows features and functionality, after they’ve been vetted and approved by other users, while still continuing to receive security updates and critical fixes straight away.
  • Windows Update for Business Your IT staff can get more done, since Windows 10 Pro gives them control over system and app updates. You’ll get access to the latest innovations from Microsoft, while being able to reduce management costs, maintain more control over the update process and make better use of everyone’s time.

More ways to do more

Easier ways to acquire, deploy and configure your business apps.

  • Microsoft Store for Business7 - Designed for organisations, Microsoft Store for Business7 gives you a flexible way to find, acquire, manage and distribute free and paid apps to Windows 10 devices.
  • Assigned Access – Windows 10 Pro lets you set up a device for a single use or “kiosk”. Users can only interact with one Microsoft Store app and can’t change system settings.
  • Client Hyper-V - Run multiple operating systems at the same time, on one computer, letting you create and manage virtual machines and their resources.

Access whatever you need, wherever you are

  • Remote Desktop11
  • OneDrive for Business

Stay focused and finish first with new productivity tools

  • Start Menu
  • Live Tiles
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Snap Assist
  • Tablet Mode

Turn thoughts into action

  • Voice/Pen/
  • Windows Ink9
  • Paint 3D10
  • Microsoft Edge

Your digital assistant to handle crucial tasks

  • Cortana at work8

Work from the office. Even when you’re on the road.

Access all of your files, folders and apps from virtually anywhere.

  • Remote Desktop - Work anytime, anywhere. Access your own desktop - with all your files, folders, and apps just the way you left it – from virtually anywhere and on any device. All you need is Windows 10 Pro and an internet connection.

Shift your productivity into warp speed.

Start fast, stay focused and finish first with new tools to enhance productivity.

  • Start Menu + Live Tiles - Get to work quickly and stay productive with familiar features in Windows 10. The Start menu lets you pin your go-to apps and files for fast access. Live Tiles beam updated info – like your email, appointments, and headlines – so you don’t need to open the app.
  • Virtual Desktop + Snap Assist - Keep command of your screen. Snap Assist makes it easy to snap apps into place to optimize available screen space. If your screen is getting crowded, you can create virtual desktops with just the items you want – great for when you don’t have multiple monitors to work with.
  • Tablet Mode - Use your laptop like a tablet. You can get a smooth, touchfirst experience on your 2-in-1 or touchscreen laptop. Onscreen features adapt for easy navigation and apps scale smoothly from the smallest to the largest displays. You can easily run in or out of Tablet Mode anytime you want – your screen will give you a smooth transition and a beautiful display.

Take note, this is game changing.

Multiple ways to turn thoughts into action.

  • Voice/pen/touch/gesture9 - Windows gives you more interaction options to choose from so you can use what feels right and works best.9 Beyond just traditional keyboard and mouse inputs, you can use your device in the way that’s most natural for you and the best fit for what you’re doing. You can even switch from one interaction type to another for maximum comfort and productivity.
  • Windows Ink9 - Quickly turn thoughts into action with the magic of Windows Ink.9 Naturally capture notes at the speed of thought with no need to be logged in.13 Powerfully pair inking with Office6 to effortlessly make edits, create content and drive ideas forward. Use your digital pen with Ink Editor to strikethrough words to delete them, circle text to select it, and more. Unleash your creativity by combining inking with creator apps like Adobe Illustrator6. Windows Ink makes using your pen easy and obvious on Windows. With the all new Windows Ink Workspace, all ink-powered apps and quick actions are right at your pen’s tip.13
  • Paint 3D10 - Start creating in every dimension to bring your ideas to life. Whether you’re doing quick image editing or creating a 3D prototype of your idea, Paint 3D helps you discover new possibilities for thinking, creating, and communicating.
  • Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Edge is a safe, fast browser, always up-to-date and designed to work with today’s websites and services. With a web experience that’s personal, responsive, and all about getting things done online, you can add extensions, write9 or type directly on webpages. You can even share your mark-ups with colleagues, save articles in your reading list to view later, and read in a view that lets you clear away distractions from online articles.

A little help goes a long way.

With Cortana8 at work, you have a truly personal digital assistant.

  • Cortana8 at work at work and in life, Cortana8 is your personal digital assistant, there for you whenever you need her, helping make sure nothing slips through the cracks. She helps you to conquer the chaos and gives you the confidence that comes with knowing someone has your back. With Cortana, it’s easier to stay on top of your schedule, your commitments and all the important things you need to remember to keep your day running smoothly. Ready on day one to provide answers and complete basic tasks, Cortana learns over time to become more useful every day.

The best Windows Pro ever

What’s new and improved from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

Security for today

  • Windows Hello2
  • Secure Boot
  • Windows Information Protection5

Cloud-ready management

  • Azure Active Directory join6
  • Mobile Device Management Client
  • Windows AutoPilot
  • Windows Update for Business
  • Microsoft Store for Business7

Enhanced Productivity

  • Windows Ink9
  • Cortana8 at work
  • Paint 3D10

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View things you need to know

  1. Requires TPM 1.2 or greater for TPM based key protection
  2. To use Windows Hello with biometrics specialized hardware, including fingerprint reader, illuminated IR sensor, or other biometric sensors is required. Hardware based protection of the Windows Hello credential/keys requires TPM 1.2 or greater; if no TPM exists or is configured, credentials/keys protection will be software-based. Companion devices must be paired with Windows 10 PC’s via Bluetooth. To use a Windows Hello companion device that enables the user to roam with their Windows Hello credentials requires Pro or Enterprise edition on the Windows 10 PC being signed into
  3. Limited to compatible websites and apps
  4. Companion devices must be paired with Windows 10 PC’s via Bluetooth. To use a Windows Hello companion device that enables the user to roam with their Windows Hello credentials requires Pro or Enterprise edition on the Windows 10 PC being signed into
  5. Windows Information Protection requires either Mobile Device Management (MDM) or System Center Configuration Manager to manage settings
  6. Sold Separately
  7. Available in select markets. Functionality and apps may vary by market and device
  8. Cortana available in select markets; experience may vary by region and device
  9. Windows Ink requires touch capable tablet or PC. Pen accessory may be sold separately
  10. Paint 3D app availability and experience may vary by region and device
  11. Remote Desktop requires internet connection
  12. App experience may vary
  13. User must enable in settings and have a Bluetooth button on pen

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