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With the increasing popularity of 1:1 device programmes, such as BT’s Computability, there’s been a significant rise in the amount of PC devices in schools. But keeping the digital classroom protected, connected and productive can be a challenge.

Many schools fall into the trap of using their budget to purchase devices, or implementing a 1:1 device scheme, without thinking about the upkeep and practicalities in the long-term. This can result in them being out of pocket further down the line, or devices sitting in a cupboard, broken and unusable because there is no budget left to fix them.

You need to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

Technology really can transform teaching and learning, but planning is key so that resources can be allocated effectively. Want to implement 1:1 devices, but don’t have the budget? Our ComputAbility programme could be just what you’re looking for.

In the hands of students, devices can be subjected to drops, spills, bumps and just general wear and tear. Not to mention there’s the charging of devices, and the risk that they may get lost or stolen to think about.

How can Griffin help?

Griffin’s chargers, cases and accessories are designed, tested and proven to be durable. From flexible, secure charging and storage, to sturdy, spill-resistant cases; Griffin products are designed for the demands of the classroom environment. By choosing Griffin to protect your devices from the off you could save money, and lots of headaches in the future.

MultiDock ™ & MultiDock Cart ™

Secure and mobile storage, charging, and syncing for the whole class

MultiDock is a single, space-efficient charging station. Store, charge, and sync up to 10 IOS, Android tablets or other devices. With a small footprint - only slightly larger than a laptop computer, it’ll easily fit in your classroom. And fits up to 10 tablets. Stack 3 MultiDocks together to sync 30 tablets in the same amount of space, from a single host computer.

MultiDock ™ features

  • Link 3 MultiDocks together to charge and sync 30 units simultaneously - keep the whole class up and running
  • Space-efficient, securable charging and storage for iOS, Windows and Android tablets, and more devices
  • ChargeSensor technology detects the power profile of each device and delivers fastest charging for each device, up to 10 watts per device (5 volts @ 2.1 amps)
  • Quick Charge Mode allows devices with Lightning connectors to charge while syncing, at the optimum rate
  • Locking front panels secure all devices while charging - so no need to worry about security
  • Individual colour-changing LEDs indicate charging and syncing status for each bay
  • There’s even space to charge tablets in bulky cases

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