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Help students with all types of learning needs

  • Students who are hard of hearing will benefit from being able to listen to an audio clip as loud as they need to, without disturbing the rest of their peers. By blocking out the background noise, their hearing will be fully dedicated to the audio which they want to hear. And the superb audio clarity makes it easier to understand what’s being said.
  • Students with Attention Deficit Disorder can be highly distractible. Interference from sounds can easily disrupt them from learning. These students may benefit from more focused learning engagement through the use of audio materials. Plantronics headphones enable this type of learning and block out unwanted distractions.
  • Plantronics headsets can enable students who have difficulty with reading and comprehension to use text to speech software, without distracting the rest of the class. They can read a passage of text along with the rest of their peers, and improve their comprehension as a result.
  • Students with social, emotional or behavioural problems can find being surrounded by people all day overwhelming. Plantronics headsets enable them to shield themselves from the situation, without having to physically remove themselves. Blocking out the noise of their peers can reduce their anxiety and help them remain calm.

Enable students to filter sound - improving their focus and reducing anxiety

Some students find it difficult to process and act upon information received through their senses. This can affect their ability to perform everyday tasks. Students with Autism can be very sensitive to sound and have difficulty filtering it, leading to them becoming upset and anxious. They may find it challenging to ignore background noise in order to focus on a conversation or task. Plantronics noise cancelling headsets enable these students to filter sound. They’re designed to cancel out low frequency sounds, so they’ll cut out the background noise in the class, but they’ll still be able to hear if someone close talks to them. This means that they can still be a part of the lesson and can be encouraged to interact and communicate whilst wearing them. Plus, reducing the amount of overwhelming noise should instantly help them to feel calmer and less anxious.

Improve speech and learning outcomes

Individual student headsets are a critical component of a differentiated classroom. For students with learning difficulties or for whom English is a second language, e-learning allows them to study content specific to their abilities, at their own pace. Reducing the risk of them becoming bored or causing distractions in class because they’re finding it difficult to keep up with the lesson. Plantronics headsets enable individual e-learning, allowing for a more focused and immersive learning experience. And the crystal clear audio quality makes it easier for English language learners to pick up and understand what’s being said.

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Noteworthy features

The 360° degree hinge and built-in multi-touch display allows your students to work in the way that best suits them and their learning style, or that’s most comfortable and accessible to their particular needs. It even gives them the freedom to bend, flip, or turn their device while they learn, so they can easily switch between modes whenever they need to. Plus, the display is also anti-glare, which means you can ensure comfortable viewing and minimal eyestrain for students who have difficulty looking at a screen.

Portable power

At just 1.4kg, the N23 is light enough for any student to carry round with them, and designed to keep up with the demands of a hectic classroom. But don’t be fooled, this device might be compact but it certainly doesn’t sacrifice on power. The Intel processor, 4GB of memory, and 128GB of storage, will seamlessly power through your students requirements; including demanding learning tools, e-learning courses, and apps designed for special education. And with up to 8 hours of battery life, you can rest assured that it will keep up all through the school day and beyond.

Smart and strong

Students with sensory or physical disabilities may have some trouble with holding their device, which could lead to drops, bumps, or spills. The N23 is built to withstand a fall from up to 75cm, its durable, drop-resistant design is a match for any students’ slippery grip, and thanks to a non-slip texture, scratches and wear are easily hidden. Plus, its water-resistant keyboard and mechanically anchored keys will withstand accidental spillages, and ensure easily distracted students can’t pick off the keys!

Vibrant 11.6" HD IPS Touchscreen

Incredible sharpness meets the versatility of a touchscreen in the Lenovo™ N23. The 11.6" screen hits the sweet spot between comfortable viewing and portability.

Rugged IPS52- Certified Design

Dust-proof and spill-proof, the precision-crafted design allows the N23 to withstand everything from classrooms to the great outdoors.

Versatile Yoga Design

The flexible hinge allows you to use the N23 in 4 modes: laptop, tablet, tent, and stand. This versatile form factor makes it a joy to work, watch videos, or use it as a tablet.

Long battery life

From classroom, to study group, to homework, the N23 offers enough juice for all-day productivity.

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Encourage hand-eye co-ordination and tactile interaction with these immersive products

HP Sprout

Reimagine learning with HP Sprout

For many students with learning difficulties, the more of the brain they engage whilst learning, the more they remember of what they’ve learnt. The HP Sprout has the amazing ability to engage all seven of the most recognised learning styles in one all-in-one immersive computer; from visual to physical learning and individual to collaborative styles. Your students are able to navigate the desktop using just the Touch Mat, giving them an alternative if they have difficulty using a mouse and keyboard, as well as providing them with the opportunity to exercise their motor skills. If you have students on the Autism spectrum, the Sprout will assist them in developing their hand-eye coordination skills, and the built-in apps help them explore new ways to communicate.

"It’s less intimidating to them than a keyboard and mouse. It actually draws them in. It provides confidence."
Jackie Wells | President and Chief Executive Officer

Discover how by utilising the Sprout, Pioneer Center opened up new possibilities for young adults with intellectual and development disabilities:

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Aruba provides reliable classroom Wi-Fi that lets everyone thrive and won’t interrupt learning:

  • Support for multiple mobile devices per student, teacher devices, wireless printers, and other wireless equipment in the classroom
  • Fast and easy access to digital learning tools
  • Anytime/anywhere access to Cloud-based apps like Google Apps for Education and Office 365
  • Prioritisation of critical learning apps which support special learning needs or provide accessibility features
  • Blocks inappropriate content, while supporting high bandwidth applications such as HD video streaming and interactive learning games

Read how one school district implemented Aruba solutions to provide a 1:1 device culture that supported personalised, digital learning, with a reliable and secure network

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With the right network infrastructure planning, you can empower teachers to deliver a richer learning experience that’s accessible to all your students, while streamlining IT operations across campus. We can help you to build a robust and reliable Wi-Fi infrastructure that fits your specific needs. To learn more about Aruba, talk to us today: 0870 429 3020

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