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Software licensing is available on 3 or more PCs

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If you thought software licensing was only worthwhile for very large corporations or offices, then maybe it's time to take a fresh look. In fact, any organisation with a minimum of just three PCs can benefit from buying software licenses instead of individual boxed product.

Not only does buying a software licence cost a fraction of its boxed cousin, it also significantly reduces the headache of administrating and controlling software usage – so you keep legal!

Here at BT Business Direct, we have a team of specially trained software licensing specialists who are on hand to offer advice on the most appropriate licensing solution for your business. This service is completely FREE of charge and of course, you're under no obligation to switch to a licensing solution should you ask for their advice.

Software licensing allows you to:

  • Buy one piece of software then roll it out onto multiple users' PCs - all you need is a licence ‘key’ for each user. This means that new employees can be up, running and proactive within minutes!
  • Manage and control software usage within your whole organisation from one central point. This eradicates the problems caused by illegal copying and installation of software.
  • Enjoy significant savings compared to the cost of installing individual boxed software products.
  • Choose from a number of flexible payment options including leasing solutions which ensure your software is kept right up to date for the duration of your leasing agreement.

BT Business Direct is one of the UK's largest resellers of leading software vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia, Symantec and more. We can help you determine the right volume software licensing program for your business or organisation.

What is Volume Software Licensing?

Volume Software Licensing allows you to purchase one copy of a software application (called a Media Kit) and legally install it on a specified number of workstations and/or servers. Most major software vendors offer some form of Volume Software Licensing in order to quickly and cost efficiently accommodate the growing needs of businesses. There are multiple advantages to Volume Software Licensing programs and BT Business Direct help guide you to the right program.

Volume pricing saves you money

Volume licensing offers discounts for multiple software product purchases. Generally, the greater the quantity of a particular software program needed, the deeper the discounts available. Since no two vendors provide the same licensing program, discounts will vary between vendor programs and their products. You can be sure that if more than one user in your organisation requires the same software program, there is a licensing alternative available that will lower your cost of ownership.

Streamlined purchasing

As your company grows, multiple users are easily added to your network by purchasing necessary licence certificates instead of boxed product. For example, if you want to run a software program on 50 different workstations in multiple locations, you would purchase one Media Kit and a 50-user licence. This alleviates the need for increased bulk shipping costs and saves you time distributing multiple boxed products to multiple locations. Furthermore, Volume Software Licensing helps you forecast your future software needs so that you can add users quickly and easily.

Upgrade Protection Available

The purchase of software Upgrade Protection, sometimes known as Upgrade Assurance, Subscription or Maintenance, guarantees that you will obtain new version upgrades throughout the duration of your licence agreement. This ensures that your company has the most up-to-date version of the licensed software as soon as it becomes available.

Still have questions? Contact our dedicated Software Licensing Specialists

If you are a business or organisational customer, then you can contact our Software Licensing Specialists who will explain the right volume software program for your organisation. Whether you need 5 or 5,000 workstations licensed, our team are available to answer your questions, suggest computing solutions and help make your business a success. We will save you time, energy and money, so you can buy with confidence.

If you'd like to discuss your requirements (in confidence), either to check your current legal status/compliance for software you are already using, or for advice on a software purchase, please contact us using the details below:

Tel: 0870 429 3050

Fax: 0870 429 7050



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