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Can I get the data back from something I've returned to you?

Read on if you'd like to know...

  • If you return a product which has data stored on it - such as a hard drive, a PC, or a digital camera - will you be able to get the data back?

In Brief...

  • On the rare occasion when a product develops a fault, you may need to return it to us for repair or replacement.
  • If the product contains your stored data, unfortunately we aren't able to recover the data or guarantee that it will not be seen by anyone else during the repair process.
  • We suggest that you back up the data before returning the product to us if you can.

Further information...

If you return a faulty product to us which contains storage media such as a hard drive or flash RAM - for example a PC or digital Camera - then that data probably won't be on it when you get it back if its repaired. And it certainly won't be there if you get a replacement, so you'll need to back up the data before you return it to us if you can. We hold no responsibility for the recovery of that data.

Part of the repair process may involve the device being returned to the manufacturer for inspection. In that case we are no longer in control of the device and so the data stored on it may be seen by the manufacturer. If the data is confidential, we can't be responsible for who'll see it. We suggest you remove confidential data if you can before you return the product to us.

Although storage devices are very reliable and have a life expectancy of several years, we always recommend that you back up your data regularly in case a fault develops. We offer many products to help you back up your data.

There are companies who may be able to recover data from a faulty product but this might mean taking the product apart and may invalidate the warranty.

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