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Possible fraudulent transaction

Please note that this help article is aimed at people who have had no contact with BT Business Direct and believe their card number has been stolen and used by someone else. It's not aimed at customers who have ordered via the BT Business Direct website and have a query regarding their card charge or refund.

If your credit card statement shows an entry for BT Business Direct and you've no idea why this charge is there, then it is possible that a fraudulent person may have used your card details to buy products from us. If this is the case, please email our web accounts department at To help us, please submit the following information:

  • The BT Business Direct transaction date showing on your statement
  • The exact amount
  • The postcode of the address where the card is registered
  • Any other information regarding why/how you think this might have happened

Once we've received the information from you, we will check those details against our stored information to see if any further orders have taken place, stopping any outstanding transactions on our system.

Due to the Data Protection Act, we are unable to give you any information about the address, name, telephone number, or email address against any specific transaction your card has been used for. However, this information will be provided to the police at their request once they have provided us with the relevant paperwork to disclose the details.

As a UK card holder, in such instances, you're protected under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. So, providing you confirm to your card issuer, to their satisfaction that you've not placed the transaction in question, then the charge will be cancelled by them.

Note: Our advice if the above was to happen, would be to contact the credit card company/bank immediately to stop your card being used for any further transactions.


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