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What is the status of my order?

Read on if you'd like to know...

  • How to check the status of your order once you've placed it with us.
  • What the various "order status" messages mean.

In Brief...

  • Once you've placed an order with us, it goes through various stages before it's despatched - including payment authorisation and packing, right through to "completed".
  • You can check what stage (the status) it's at by logging into your account and choosing the order.
  • When you have the order on the screen the status will be listed.

Further Information
If you've placed an order with us and would like to know what stage it's at, you can do this very simply by logging into your account and clicking the 'view orders and returns' section.

Within 'order status', you can choose to view any of the orders you've placed with us. Select the relevant order using the drop down list. Then, when you go into a particular order, you could be shown one of a number of different messages, depending on the status of your order at that particular time. For example it could say; order placed/payment problem/completed.

Here's a more detailed explanation of what these different descriptions mean, in the order that you can expect to see them (if relevant of course):

  • Awaiting 3D Secure Re-Authorisation
    Your credit card details have been submitted for authentication and approval through VISA or MasterCard. More details about this scheme can be found on the VISA or MasterCard website. In short, this is an added security system specifically designed for buying via the Internet.
  • Awaiting Card Authorisation
    This means that your payment is in a queue of payments to be actioned by our credit card security team. We do aim to attempt all payments within 2 hours.
  • Awaiting Processing
    All our security checks have taken place and payment has been taken from your preferred payment method. Your order is now in a queue in our warehouse awaiting despatch. Your order should only be in this status for a maximum of 2 hours.
  • Awaiting Security Check
    Your order is in a queue of orders which are awaiting security checks on the details you have provided to us.
  • Awaiting Stock
    One or more items on your order are not available in our warehouse and this normally means we are waiting for these to arrive from our suppliers. If we do hold an expected delivery date, this will be shown against the product and will be the best information we have. The date may be subject to change. Unfortunately we are unable to give a more accurate date than the date we are showing.
  • Order Awaiting Packing
    Payment has been taken and details of your order have been passed to our warehouse, but the items have not yet been picked for despatch. Depending on your chosen delivery method, this status could be active for up to 48 hrs. We are unable to cancel your order at this stage.
  • Packing in Progress
    The picking of the items to fulfil your order has now begun, and this status will be active until all of the items have been placed into your consignment box. We are unable to cancel your order at this stage.
  • Order fully packed
    All items have now been placed into your consignment box to complete your order and it is now awaiting courier collection. We are unable to cancel the order at this stage.
  • Completed
    This means your order has been fully packed and has been loaded onto the delivery van, which may well have left the premises. We will send you an email at this point, confirming the despatch of the order.
  • Order Cancelled
    Your order has been cancelled, either by you or our internal systems. Our internal systems cancel orders if we have not received any reply back from our communications. If you believe you have not received any notification, please check that the email address on your account is correct.
  • Order Placed
    We can confirm that you have placed this order and it has yet to pass our security checks.
  • Payment Problem
    Due to reasons out of our control, we have been unable to take the funds from your preferred payment method. You should contact your credit/debit card provider to find out the reason for this. Once you are happy that the payment will be cleared, you can email and ask us to attempt to take the payment again.
  • Quotation
    Your order is not live and is simply a quotation.
  • Security Check - Contact BT Business Direct
    For reasons out of our control, we have been unable to authorise your details. This is normally an address issue and confirmation of these details can be sent to Please DO NOT send us your credit card details by email.
  • Stock Problem
    One or more items on your order have now been discontinued by the manufacturer. This means that we are unable to supply this product to you and the next step would be to replace this item for an item which is in stock to allow your order to ship.

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