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What do I do after I receive an "address check" email?

Read on if you'd like to know ....

  • Why you have received an email with "Address Check" in the title
  • What to do about the email

In Brief ...

  • Here at BT Business Direct, we take your security when shopping online really seriously. We carry out careful checks to ensure that orders paid for with your credit card really were placed by you and that your card is not being used illegally. These checks are in your interest.
  • When we come to authorise your credit card, we carry out thorough checks to confirm the details of your order match up with the details held by your credit card company, especially in connection with addresses.
  • Where there seems to be a problem with authorising your credit card connected with addresses, we send you a standard email explaining the problem. The email explains how to sort it out. Please be assured that these emails are genuine [see below].
  • We will never ask you to send your credit card details or account password by email. All we're asking is to confirm your address and phone number so we can verify them.

Further information...

The email you've received with "address check" in the title details the information you'll need to send us so we're able to process your order. Simply follow the instructions outlined in the email.

You'll note that we addressed the email to you personally, and have quoted your sales order number and the date you ordered - information that another person or company claiming to be BT Business Direct would not know. If in doubt, check the details against the order confirmation email you received.

If you're at all wary about clicking the link in the email, then type the address manually into your web browser rather than clicking the link. Alternatively, please contact us using the link below or by email to and we will confirm it all for you.

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