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How to increase productivity and efficiencies within a contact centre environment

After moving to a brand new wireless contact centre in Bolton, we wanted to give our sales and commercial support staff a secure,
comfortable and fully-functional wireless headset solution so invited suppliers to tender. We outlined some vital parameters including:

1. IT being able to easily manage the entire headset estate

2. Monitoring and improving productivity with shorter calls due to improved call

3. User multi-tasking with hands-free wireless freedom and being able to move around the office to collaborate with others while still on a call with a customer or colleague

4. Ability to conduct conference calls easily

5. DECT™ encryption for increased call security

6. Headset compliance to Noise at Work and Health & Safety directives e.g. avoiding RSI and eliminating neck and back strain

7. Ability to easily shadow and buddy during call monitoring for training and coaching

After rigorous testing, the new Plantronics CS540 wireless headset was chosen for use throughout our new Bolton site because of its fit-for-purpose design and functionality.

Read more about our choice in the BT Business Direct moves to CS500™ Series for greater wireless freedom case study
from Plantronics.

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  1. On August 20, 2012 at 12:02 pm Jeanne Thompson responded with... #

    Using the best contact centre solutions to be able to handle your customer service needs is essential. It can make the work simpler to address the needs of your own customer. And satisfied clients ends up with greater sales and better profit for the firm.

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