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HP Smart non-PFC AC Adapter 65 Watt (Does not include Power Cable)

HP Smart non-PFC AC Adapter 65 Watt (Does not include Power Cable)

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Quicklinx: 9D36WS00 Mfr#: 710412-001
Device Type: Laptop
Device Screen Size: [N/A]
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Original Smart AC power adapter (65 watt) replacement power supply for HP laptop computers

  • 4.5mm barrel connector
  • non-power factor correcting (NPFC)
  • Requires 3-wire AC power cord with C5 connector

Input Voltage AC Min:

Input Voltage AC Max:



Product Description
HP Smart non-PFC AC Adapter - power adapter - 65 Watt
Device Type
Power adapter - external
Power Capacity
65 Watt
Designed For
HP 255 G3; Envy 14, 15; Pavilion 17; Split x2

Detailed Specification


Device Type
Power adapter - external

Power Device

Power Capacity
65 Watt

Compatibility Information

Designed For
HP 255 G3 , HP Envy 14-1001tu, 14-1100el, 14-1114ef, 14-1154ca, 14-1155ca, 14-1180es, 14-1190eg, 14-1191ez, 14-1195ea, 14-1195eo, 14-1196ea, 14-1199ez, 14-1200en, 14-1212tx, 14-1260SE, 14-2002ea, 14-2012tx, 14-2020ew, 14-2020NR, 14-2030eb, 14-2050ed, 14-2050se, 14-2054se, 14-2080eo, 14-2090ca, 14-2095en, 14-2099en, 14-2099sf, 14-2130nr, 14-2136nr, 14-2160ca, 14-2160se, 14-2166SE, 14-2195la, 14-3000ea SPECTRE, 14-3000eg SPECTRE, 14-3010NR Spectre, 14-3010tu, 14-3011tu, 14-3090ca, 14-3090LA, 14-3100eb Spectre, 14-3100ef SPECTRE, 14-3100eg SPECTRE, 14-3100el SPECTRE, 14-3100eo SPECTRE, 14-3100es SPECTRE, 14-3115tu SPECTRE, 14-3190la SPECTRE, 14-3210nr, 14-k010la, 14-k012la, 15-3005TX, 15-3012TX, 15-3023tx, 15-3040nr, 15-3047NR, 15-3090CA, 15-3090la, 15-3202tx, 15-3217NR, 15-3247NR, 15-3290LA, 15-j000ea, 15-j000eb, 15-j000ec, 15-j000ew, 15-j001eo, 15-j001sb, 15-j001sg, 15-j002eg, 15-j002er, 15-j002la, 15-j003eo, 15-j003la, 15-j003sg, 15-j004la, 15-j005ep, 15-j005ss, 15-j005TU, 15-j006ss, 15-j007eo, 15-j007ss, 15-j009eo, 15-j009ss, 15-j011nr, 15-j011sg, 15-j012eo, 15-j012la, 15-j013cl, 15-j013sg, 15-j017sg, 15-j019eo, 15-j020eo, 15-j022el, 15-j023c, 15-j028eo, 15-j030eb, 15-j030us, 15-j031nr, 15-j031ss, 15-j032nr, 15-j035eo, 15-j035so, 15-j037el, 15-j040el, 15-j040eo, 15-j059nr, 15-j060us, 15-j063ei, 15-J069SF, 15-j071sf, 15-j078ez, 15-j079sf, 15-j081eg, 15-j084nr, 15-j089sf, 15-j100eb, 15-j101el, 15-j101sf, 15-j103el, 15-j10us, 15-j112tx, 15-j130eb, 15-j150ed , HP Pavilion 17-e113dx , HP Split x2 13-f010dx, 13-g110dx, 13-g118ca, 13-g180la, 13-g190la, 13-g210dx, 13-g260br, 13-g280la, 13-m006tu, 13-m007tu, 13-m010dx, 13-m100es, 13-m100la, 13-m101ec, 13-m101el, 13-m101eo, 13-m101sl, 13-m101so, 13-m103em, 13-m103es, 13-m103sh, 13-m103ss, 13-m110br, 13-m110ca, 13-m110dx, 13-m110ea, 13-m110sa, 13-m111sa, 13-m115sg, 13-m160eo, 13-m170ef, 13-m200ea, 13-m200ef, 13-m200el, 13-m200eo, 13-m200sa, 13-m201sa, 13-m210ca, 13-m210eg

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Device Type: Laptop
Device Screen Size: [N/A]
Brand: HP
Price Range Ex VAT: 0 - 50
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