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HP AC Smart Adapter - 90W

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Quicklinx: 57ZJWS00 Mfr#: ED495ET#ABU


With the HP 90 W Smart Adapter you can experience true power-charging anywhere you have a power outlet.

• Provides a power source for use with your compatible HP Notebook

• Energy-efficient power adapter designed to draw minimal power

• Convenient for use as a replacement or additional second power source

  • Controlled and efficient flow

    Provides a power source for use with your compatible HP Notebook.
  • Connection for today and yesterday

    Energy-efficient power adapter designed to draw minimal power.
  • The perfect right turn

    Convenient for use as a replacement or additional second power source.



Product Description
HP Smart - power adapter - 90 Watt
Device Type
Power adapter - external
English / United Kingdom
Power Capacity
90 Watt
Designed For
EliteBook 820 G2; Pavilion dv9610, dv9620, dv9649, dv9664; Pavilion Media Center dv9218, dv9345, dv9500, dv9505, dv9515, dv9530, dv9535, dv9550, dv9555, dv9562, dv9572, dv9575, dv9576, dv9595, dv9680, dv9682, dv9685, dv9687, dv9689, dv9690, dv9691, dv9695, tx1250, tx1325; ProBook 650 G1; ZBook 14

Detailed Specification


Device Type
Power adapter - external
English / United Kingdom

Power Device

Power Capacity
90 Watt

Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)

Shipping Weight
0.7 kg

Compatibility Information

Designed For
HP EliteBook 820 G2 , HP Pavilion dv7-1000ea, dv7-1002ea, dv7-1002tx, dv7-1003ea, dv7-1004ea, dv7-1005tx, dv7-1010eg, dv7-1010el, dv7-1010eo, dv7-1014ca, dv7-1016nr, dv7-1019tx, dv7-1020el, dv7-1020us, dv7-1023cl, dv7-1030el, dv7-1030eo, dv7-1034ca, dv7-1038ca, dv7-1040ef, dv7-1040em, dv7-1050ea, dv7-1050ef, dv7-1060eo, dv7-1070ef, dv7-1070ek, dv7-1070el, dv7-1075la, dv7-1080el, dv7-1080eo, dv7-1090eo, dv7-1095eo, dv7-1129wm, dv7-1160eg, dv7-1195eo, dv9601ef, dv9601em, dv9605ea, dv9607eo, dv9610ev, dv9620eb, dv9620ed, dv9625ew, dv9630ed, dv9635es, dv9639eo, dv9644eo, dv9646em, dv9649em, dv9653eo, dv9654eo, dv9655ea, dv9655ez, dv9657em, dv9660es, dv9664eg, dv9665eo, dv9667eg, dv9670eg, dv9673eg, dv9675eg, tx2690eo , HP Pavilion Media Center dv9218ea, dv9312ea, dv9345eu, dv9362ea, dv9393ea, dv9500ew, dv9503es, dv9505ef, dv9505eg, dv9505eo, dv9507es, dv9510eo, dv9515ef, dv9515eo, dv9520eg, dv9525eo, dv9530eb, dv9530ef, dv9530eg, dv9533eg, dv9534ef, dv9535ef, dv9535eg, dv9535eo, dv9540eb, dv9540eo, dv9545eo, dv9550eo, dv9552es, dv9555eg, dv9555eo, dv9560ea, dv9562ea, dv9562ez, dv9565ea, dv9565eg, dv9570ef, dv9570eo, dv9571eo, dv9572ea, dv9572el, dv9572eo, dv9574ea, dv9575eo, dv9575es, dv9576ea, dv9580ed, dv9580eg, dv9580el, dv9580eo, dv9580ez, dv9585eg, dv9585el, dv9585eo, dv9588ef, dv9590ea, dv9590ed, dv9590eg, dv9590ez, dv9592ef, dv9595ea, dv9595ed, dv9680ed, dv9680ep, dv9680ew, dv9680ez, dv9682eg, dv9683es, dv9684eg, dv9685eg, dv9685eo, dv9686eo, dv9687eg, dv9687eo, dv9689ea, dv9690el, dv9690en, dv9690ev, dv9690ew, dv9690ez, dv9691eg, dv9694eg, dv9695ea, dv9695ef, dv9695eg, dv9695el, dv9695eo, dv9698eo, dv9699ef, tx1240ef, tx1250ea, tx1250eg, tx1250el, tx1250en, tx1250eo, tx1250es, tx1250et, tx1260ea, tx1270ed, tx1270eo, tx1270es, tx1320eg, tx1320eo, tx1320es, tx1325ep, tx1325es, tx1330es, tx1340ea, tx1340es, tx1345eo, tx1350ed, tx1350ef, tx1350el, tx1390ef , HP ProBook 650 G1 , HP ZBook 14 Mobile Workstation
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