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Canon SC 2000 Soft Case for Camcorder

Canon SC 2000 Soft Case for Camcorder

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Quicklinx: 7M07WS00 Mfr#: 9389A001AA
Type: Case
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Protect your camera with the professional-quality SC-2000 soft carrying case, featuring secure compartments for filters and extra battery packs.



Product Description
Canon SC2000 - case camcorder
Product Type
Case camcorder
Designed For
Canon XA11, XA15, XA30, XA35, XC10, XC15, XF400, XF405; iVIS HF G10, HF R32, HF R52, HF R62; LEGRIA HF G25, HF G40, HF R606, HF R66, HF R68, HF R706, HF R76, HF R77, HF R78, HF R806, HF R86, HF R87, HF R88; VIXIA HF G21, HF G40, HF R60, HF R600, HF R62, HF R70, HF R700, HF R80, HF R800, HF R82

Detailed Specification

Carrying Case

Recommended Use

Compatibility Information

Designed For
Canon DC10, DC100, DC20, DC201, DC210, DC211, DC22, DC220, DC230, DC40, DC50, FS300, FS40, FS400, FV 10, FV 100, FV 2, FV 20, FV 200, FV 30, FV 300, FV 40, FV 400, FV 50, FV 500, FV M1, FV M10, FV M100, FV M20, FV M200, FV M30, FV M300, HG10, HR10, HV10, HV20, MV100, MV20, MV200, MV200i, MV20i, MV3, MV3 MC, MV30, MV300, MV300i, MV30i, MV3i, MV3i MC, MV400, MV400i, MV430, MV450, MV4i, MV4i MC, MV500, MV500i, MV530i, MV550i, MV5i MC, MV600, MV600i, MV630i, MV650i, MV6iMC, MV700, MV700i, MV730i, MV750i, MV800, MV800i, MV830, MV830i, MV850i, MV880X, MV900, MV930, MV950, MV960, MVX1, MVX100i, MVX10i, MVX150i, MVX1i, MVX1Si, MVX200, MVX200i, MVX20i, MVX250i, MVX25i, MVX2i, MVX300, MVX30i, MVX330i, MVX350i, MVX35i, MVX3i, MVX40, MVX40i, MVX430, MVX450, MVX45i, MVX460, MVX4i, PV130, XA10, XA11, XA15, XA20, XA25, XA30, XA35, XC10, XC15, XF400, XF405, ZR10, ZR100, ZR20, ZR200, ZR25 MC, ZR30 MC, ZR300, ZR40, ZR400, ZR45 MC, ZR50 MC, ZR500, ZR60, ZR600, ZR65 MC, ZR70 MC, ZR700, ZR80, ZR800, ZR830, ZR85, ZR850, ZR90 , Canon Elura 10, 100, 2, 2 MC, 20MC, 40MC, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80, 85, 90 , Canon iVIS DC22, HF G10, HF G20, HF R30, HF R32, HF R42, HF R52, HF R62, HV20 , Canon IXY DV, DV M2 Kit, DV M3, DV S1, DV2, DV3, DV5, DVM, DVM5 , Canon LEGRIA HF G10, HF G25, HF G30, HF G40, HF M41, HF M506, HF M52, HF M56, HF R27, HF R306, HF R36, HF R37, HF R38, HF R406, HF R46, HF R48, HF R506, HF R56, HF R606, HF R66, HF R68, HF R706, HF R76, HF R77, HF R78, HF R806, HF R86, HF R87, HF R88, HF S21, HF S30, HV40 , Canon Optura 10, 100 MC, 20, 200 MC, 30, 300, 40, 400, 50, 500, 60, 600, 600 Coach Kit, Pi, S1, Xi , Canon Vistura , Canon VIXIA HF G10, HF G20, HF G21, HF G30, HF G40, HF M301, HF M41, HF M50, HF M500, HF M52, HF R20, HF R21, HF R30, HF R300, HF R32, HF R40, HF R400, HF R42, HF R50, HF R500, HF R52, HF R60, HF R600, HF R62, HF R70, HF R700, HF R80, HF R800, HF R82, HF S21, HV40

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Type: Case
Brand: Canon
Stock Status: In Stock
Price Range Ex VAT: 50 - 100
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