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Tech Literacy

Tech Literacy

Preparing the next generation to thrive in a digital world

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Empowering our future generations

Young people grow up surrounded by technology. But today too many children have no idea how it all works nor do they fully appreciate how it will shape their futures. This is the tech literacy paradox.

Today's young people may look like savvy natives, but their knowledge is only screen-deep. They are passive users, not active creators. In a world where so much of our life and work depends on technology, not harnessing that potential may be the difference between being left behind or getting ahead. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to build a better tech know-how for the future.

Young people have misconceptions about technology

Geeky and niche

Kids often think words like programming and algorithm are nerdy.

Not relevant

Kids think tech is separate from their future and the things they love.

It’s too difficult

The emphasis on coding is seen as hard or scary.

A waste of time

Kids often get mixed messages between limiting screen time and embracing technology.

Primary years

Today’s teachers are key to the next generation’s success. Barefoot supports primary educators with the confidence, knowledge and skills to teach computer science. Improving results through computational thinking.
It’s now our aim to make sure that all resources and workshops are available to all primary school teachers throughout the UK.

The Barefoot Computing Project offers free, fun computing teaching resources for primary teachers. School workshops show teachers where to download them and how they work across the curriculum; giving teachers more confidence to prepare children to thrive in a digital world.

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75% of teachers strongly agree it’s their job to prepare kids for a digital world: but only 25% strongly agree they can1

Within 20 years, 90% of all jobs will require some elements of digital skills2

Teenage years

Teenagers are voracious tech consumers. But, they think tech know-how is boring, and their behaviour online can put them at risk. It’s vital we show that tech is part of the activities that this age group loves, like music and sports, to bring alive the wide range of opportunities that can be unlocked by getting tech literate.

We’re inspiring young people to build the tech skills to thrive in a digital world – through BT Sport and our partnership with 5Rights. We show them the technology behind live sports broadcasts to inspire them to build their tech know-how. Our partnership with 5Rights empowers them to confidently navigate the digital world so they’re safer online.

"Nearly every job has a digital element, which is why tech literacy has never been more important. We want the UK to be at the forefront of a world transformed by technology, with every citizen able to adapt, innovate and make the most of its benefits."

Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Transition to Work

For young people starting work today, every job is a tech job. Whether you’re a doctor or a delivery driver, you need tech know-how to get ahead. Our Work Ready programme, helps young people age 16-24 build their confidence and skills for further education and training.

Work placements

We offer two or three week work placements to help young people prepare for the modern world of work, through skills development and hands-on experience of jobs powered by technology.
During work placements, young people get to learn about different job roles and gain new skills through mock interviews, presentations, practical thinking and business problem-solving. This helps build their confidence and prepares them to enter working life.

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Skills for work boot camps

Our skills for work boot camps are designed to help young people from year 10 upwards get first-hand experience of life at work. This includes meeting our employees, getting interview tips and discovering how their skills, values and interests can kick off their career choices.

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  2. Source - The Department for Culture Media & Sport


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