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In today's society, the ability to use technology is becoming as fundamental to a child's development as their ability to read and write. Technology in the classroom not only opens up a world of new learning possibilities, but also helps prepare your students for the world of work, and provides more accessibility and improved learning outcomes for students with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND).

22% of IT equipment in schools
is ineffective
90% of jobs require digital skills
to some degree2
12.6 million adults lack basic
digital skills2

In order to encourage your students to become Tech Literate and help them to become “work ready”, incorporating technology into your lessons is essential. But we know it's not always simple. There’s no value for you or your students in just swapping traditional methods such as a pen and paper for a device if you’re doing the exact same thing. You need to think about how technology can transform and bring something new to your lessons:

  • How can you make your lessons more fun and exciting?
  • How can you engage multiple senses and different learning styles at once?
  • How can you use technology in order to do teach in ways you've never been able to before?

Need help envisioning how you can achieve this? That’s where Tablet Academy comes in…

Currently engaged
with over 700 schools
Trained over
12,500 teachers
Has 40 partner
educational institutes

Tablet Academy is a device agnostic organisation created to support learning environments like yours to transform teaching and learning, through the integration of new and existing technologies. Made up of experienced educators, they provide a range of services including hands-on training for teachers, experience days for pupils, and advice for school leaders. Whether you're thinking of introducing technology to your classrooms but don't know where to start, or you've already invested in new technologies but aren't managing to use them to their full potential, Tablet Academy can help.

Tablet Academy Core Services

Founders of Tablet Academy, Professor Steve Molyneux and Mark Yorke believe the ability to use technology is becoming as fundamental to a child's development as a child's ability to read and write. Whilst many teachers would agree with us, many are unable to embed the use of current technology into everyday learning. This is why our focus is to help schools identify and remove any barriers that slow the advancement in the use of technology in education. We believe by doing this we can improve the quality of learning for children around the world.

Services available for your environment

  • Independent Consultancy
    Creating a holistic view for how you can use tech in your classrooms, helping you to avoid deployment issues in the process
  • Skills Audit
    Providing you with a snapshot of your teachers' current technology skills and gaps, helping you to assess what training is needed
  • Measuring success
    Evaluating the success of your technology implementation. Identifying which elements worked best, what needs improvement, and what you've achieved
  • E-Safety
    Planning and managing online safety in your school. Reviewing your current online safety, and developing and supporting your new online safety strategy

Inspire, Engage, Teach

The Tablet Academy work with a growing number of Ed-tech companies to embed solutions designed for the classroom into your environment. Their continual research into new solutions and technology provides them with industry insights that enables their consultants to provide up-to-date independent advice and support to Tablet Academy customers and partner schools.

Opportunities for your school or college

  • Professional Development
    Do your teachers need help teaching the new computing curriculum? Or have you invested in classroom devices and haven't seen the impact you expected? No worries! As part of their professional development offering, Tablet Academy provide practical group teacher training sessions, or one-to-one support.
    Sessions are tailored to meet your requirements and often include modules such as: Office 365, Google Apps for Education, iPads, OneNote, Minecraft, Computing Curriculum, Robotics and Programming, Supporting Students with SEND, and much more!
  • Pupil Engagement Days and Festivals
    Need help understanding how devices can be used to deliver more engaging, impactful lessons? Inspire both your students and teachers. Get them excited about learning by engaging them with innovative ways of using technology. Popular themes include Minecraft, Lego Education, S.T.E.M, Robots and Augmented Reality.

Learn more about how Tablet Academy could help enhance your learning environment today

View things you need to know

  1. Free skills audit - is the online survey only which provides you with an oversight of your teaching staffs current teaching with technology skills. If you choose to upgrade after this to the basic or details skills audit then this will have a cost attached to it. Free consultancy visit – all institutions are entitled to a free initial consultancy visit. Following this free visit, further consultancy is charged.
  2. Source -

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