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Learning today is incredible, especially compared to how it used to be. There are many devices and programmes being used in the classroom to enhance students learning experience, and they usually involve listening.

Jabra and their education know-how

  • Jabra delivers world-class headset solutions for the education market
  • With 150 years of experience they know exactly what you need to provide the best learning experience
  • They understand sound. They've developed products based on their study of the human ear, and this knowledge touches everything they do
  • Jabra’s range of corded and wireless headsets and speakerphones are designed to meet the needs of your people; teacher, student and administrator
  • Their headsets and speakerphones are compatible with all major devices, including Chromebook and iPad. Some models can be used with Skype 1
  • Jabra products are reliable, in fact they're so trusted, they're listed on many of the largest government contracts like the Danish Chamber of Commerce and the Victoria Department of Justice

For everything your learning environment needs, from online testing and in-classroom multimedia to campus-wide wireless mobility, Jabra solutions can support you.

For school pupils

The Jabra Evolve series offers clear sound and noise cancellation. Perfect for keeping younger pupils on track and concentrating on the tasks they've been given. The Jabra Evolve series works with all major tablets and laptops making them easy to incorporate into the classroom.

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For office admin and staff

Your office and admin staff work from a fixed location. They're involved in lots of intense and important conversations throughout the day. Your people need to have clear sound and advanced microphones. They’re your organisation's ambassadors and need to have the right headset. The Jabra Biz series does just that, their professional corded headset is best-in-class.

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Your leadership and management team

Your school administration are those that need to be able to move around your school or building with ease. As the most mobile part of your team, these people need a professional wireless headset that delivers great sound and a battery-life that lasts all day. The Jabra Pro series offers great quality sound and the option to move around without jeopardising that clarity.2

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For students

Students using in-classroom multimedia or doing tests online need an affordable USB headset designed for music and voice. The Jabra Evolve series offers great sound for calls and music. The foam ear cushions, and on-ear design, give a comfortable fit for if they need to be used all day.

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For highly mobile staff

Staff who are highly mobile, on-the-go and rely on a mobile phone as their primary device need easy to move accessories. It could be lecturers moving from office to class or network managers who are checking and fixing connections on-site across your campus. The Jabra Motion series allows them to do this. These Bluetooth® headsets have clever call features that adapt to their environment and movement. Staff can stay connected to all their phones using one small headset that has all-day talk time. Plus they're comfy and easy to wear.

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Jabra Xpress

The best part for your IT Team

The Jabra Xpress is an online service designed to make deploying your headsets and accessories around your school or campus easy. There’s a set of smart tools that help you with:

  • Easy mass deployment – simplify IT management tasks
  • Smart asset management – see all your devices in one place to make reporting and planning easier
  • Agile maintenance – maximise productivity with easy to do updates
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“The quality of the Jabra products is one of the success factors of the roll-out of UC in our organization.”

Ingrid Martens | KU Leuven University, Belgium

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  1. Skype and Lync compatibility on Jabra Evolve 65, Jabra Evolve 75, Jabra Evolve 80, Jabra Pro 900, Jabra Pro 9400 and Jabra Motion office.
  2. Move range up to 450 feet/150 meters.

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