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Many of the STEAM skills that educators strive to develop in their students can be explored using gamification platforms like Minecraft: Education Edition, SMART software, classroom software that’s compatible with iiyama interactive displays and games created for pi-top.

Start your journey with STEAM

Minecraft can be used in a range of disciplines to help students reach beyond classroom walls and create solutions to open-ended challenges. This cultivates their empathy and design thinking. The creation of new Minecraft worlds, and explaining that world to others, enables students to demonstrate their visual communication skills and digital storytelling ability. Students are able to engage in an interactive design process with 3D modelling and the maker mindset is developed.

Minecraft: Education Edition engages students in experiential learning.

This helps them learn to persist with problem-solving and work through the creative process and embrace collaboration. Your students will learn to collaborate, create, and develop their problem solving skills.

This fantastic gamification platform gives you the opportunity to inspire your students with cross-curriculur STEAM learning. The latest update, Code Builder also connects students to popular platforms like ScratchX, Tynker, and the new open source platform Microsoft MakeCode. They can find tools, templates and tutorials to help them learn to code. In the game, they’ll have an Agent character that acts as their sidekick and will carry out the commands given to them in programming language. Through Code Builder, your students can engage with computer science concepts as they design and create in 3D. They can then use these new skills to help develop their digital storytelling abilities. Enable your students to do something that’s fun and engaging, whilst teaching them the fundamentals of coding.

Find out how to integrate Minecraft into your students' learning.

Minecraft: Education Edition is available to purchase now. To get up and running, you need to have a Windows 10 device and an Office 365 Education licence. Talk to your Education IT Specialist and one of our licensing specialists about bringing Minecraft: Education Edition to your classroom today.

Make SMART decisions when creating classroom solutions for STEAM

Engage your students in learning and inspire them to explore the world around them

346,000 classroom activities and resources & 1 million games (and more played every day)6

  • Lesson plan from anywhere
    Send your Notebook® lesson directly to your classroom’s SMART Board, even if you create it at home. Once you share your lesson, it automatically appears on any SMART Board that has the iQ feature
  • Speedy assessments
    SMART response® 2 is a quick and easy way to assess your class’ progress. Access it from Notebook® with just one click
  • Create lessons in minutes
    SMART lab has an array of activities and themes you can customise. It’s a fun, and engaging way to make your lessons more personal. And again, you can access it from Notebook® with just one click

SMART Notebook Maths Tools

Did you know that SMART have a series of tools specific to teach mathematics on their interactive boards? Well they do! Take a tour of our favourite maths specific add-ons from SMART:

  • GeoGebra
    GeoGebra provides powerful tools for all Key Stages. From easy equation editing to 55,000+ maths objects. There’s activities for geometry, algebra, statistics and much more.
  • Equation Editor
    Create and customise your math equations and notations with the equation editor. It integrates with the GeoGebra add-on, to give your teachers an easy way to demonstrate math concepts visually. Providing feature parity with SMART Notebook Math Tools. It’s designed to makes lessons more visual, easier to comprehend and more interactive.
  • SMART blocks
    Make maths more interactive and collaborative by bringing SMART blocks into the lesson. You can drag blocks onto the board, choose from: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents, square roots and the ‘unknown’ box. Students can come up to the display, write down numbers, and draw lines into the block to have it perform the calculation. For example, if they write 2 and 3 and draw lines into the addition box, a 5 will appear. With the unknown box, students can begin to explore problem solving as they have to figure out what calculation was made. For example, if they drew a 14 and a 7, and 2 came up, they’d know it was a division box.

Get peer-to-peer inspiration with SMART Notebook lessons

The SMART Exchange website hosts a growing database of SMART Notebook lessons. They’re created by classroom teachers or by SMART’s team of curriculum resource developers. Get access to lessons for all grades and subjects, including over 6,500 maths and science options on SMART Exchange. You can also find lessons for maths and English language arts by clicking the Standards-Correlated Lessons button in the top navigation bar on the home page of SMART Exchange to begin your search (please remember these are mapped to the US curriculum but are easy to adapt for your UK classroom).

A new technology, exclusive to SMART Boards

The built-in iQ technology is what makes the SMART Board the essential hub of the classroom. It connects your interactive display, devices, lesson content and software; to create one seamless experience. Everything you need is in one place, with no need for wires, cables or manual software. You can instantly access SMART Learning Suite’s interactive lessons, game-based activities, and online co-creation. As well as collaboration tools like the built-in web browser, wireless screen sharing and a digital whiteboard.

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Open your learning environment up to additional STEAM software options

iiyama displays are a great choice for education, they’re widely used in Key Stage 1-4, HE and FE organisations across the UK. They offer quality at an affordable cost, with proven reliability and performance. People choose iiyama because they have peace of mind that their investment will stand the test of time, even in demanding educational environments. More importantly, students can easily understand and interact intuitively with iiyama interactive large format displays.

iiyama LFD touchscreens (42” - 86”) are great for STEAM because they work perfectly with commonly used classroom software like Smart, Promethean, Oktopus, Easiteach, Omnitapps, Open-Sankore and more.

iiyama offer a 5 year warranty, exclusive to education environments for their high quality IPS (in-plane switching) and VA (vertical alignment) panels.

These professional high-end panels deliver supreme, rich colour clarity and they’re made for long term use. iiyama touchscreens provide fast and accurate drawing speeds so you and your students won’t be left waiting for technology to catch up. The integrated speakers are also loud enough to fill a large classroom, something that’s often forgotten about in the planning stage but really important when you’re teaching using multimedia resources like video and audio clips.

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