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SMEs know that when space is at a premium, it's vital that your IT kit isn't taking over. Whether you're based in a small office, multiple offices, or if you want to facilitate home working as an option for employees, there's a huge range of products available to provide the functionality you need in a small form factor - without compromising on power or performance.

Benefits of small form factor IT

For businesses, there are many benefits of choosing small form factor IT solutions when compared with products like traditional desktops.

The first (and most obvious) reason for choosing SFF solutions is that they don't take up as much space. Take a desktop PC. Even if you aren't that strapped for space in offices where every square metre comes at a premium, a smaller computer can free up room on desks for things that your employees would benefit more from - like a larger monitor.

Secondly, because SFF products are small, they tend to be lighter as well. This makes them easy for everyone to manage, and could be a good option if your business is expanding and an office move is likely. Small form factor products are much more portable.

And lastly, because of their reduced size and components, SFF products tend use less power than a normal desktop.1 This is a big benefit for businesses that want to reduce their overheads and especially for start-ups where every saving on set up costs means better first year profits.

The ProDesk 400 is a desktop PC that's designed to fit the modern workplace and scale to match your changing business needs. ProDesk 400 provides power and performance to support your business, whilst its compact design saves valuable space on desks.

  • A connection hub for all your office devices with 8 USB ports and two video outputs
  • High performance Intel Core processors mean you can power through your day
  • Expansion options to extend the life of your PC - and your investment
  • Superior reliability, proven by the HP Total Test Process2

Powered by Windows 10 Pro

HP devices powered by Windows 10 Pro can enhance productivity. Comprehensive security and management tools mean that businesses stay in control of their IT resource.

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Reducing overheads with clever IT

  • Go Paper-less - Going paper-less makes good business sense, tackling clutter and reducing expenditure on paper and ink cartridges. You'll still need these things of course, but it's good practise to consider alternatives to printing where possible. You can store documents using cloud software like Google Drive or Dropbox and sign contracts electronically. And you'll be helping to reduce your business's impact on the environment.
  • Size matters - Choosing small form factor IT solutions like PCs, laptops and printers means that you can reduce the space you require for the day to day running of your business. This is particularly important for start-up businesses that are looking to reduce overheads for office rental, especially when space is at a premium.
  • Lower power consumption - One way to reduce overheads associated with energy use in the office is to choose small form factor solutions. SFF products like desktop PCs and laptops tend to use less power, making them a good option for use throughout the working week.


Aluminium laptop stand for notebooks and laptop computers

  • Raise laptops 5.5” off desks for comfortable use throughout the working day
  • Minimal and elegant small form factor to help de-clutter desks
  • Keeps laptops cool, ideal for devices which are used every day
  • Durable, heavy-duty aluminium frame stands up to the rigors of a busy office environment

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PowerDock 5

Compact desktop charging for a combination of up to 5 smartphones and tablets

  • Charge multiple Apple or Android smartphones and tablets
  • Self-contained mains power adapter
  • Accommodates tablets in their cases
  • Designed for convenience and efficiency

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