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For truly heroic business performance your users need the best IT tools in their utility belts. We reveals the secrets to maximising their productivity…

Give your users the power to perform

Power users such as designers, engineers, and analysts running demanding applications can expect to be more productive, creative, and satisfied using more powerful machines. Rendering complex graphics, creating digital content and handling intensive computations isn’t usually a problem for a workhorse.

We take a look at super powerful options to deliver the performance, reliability and stability demanded by your power users.

More power for greater business benefits

  • Faster time to market with higher performance machines
  • Superior application performance with Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certified machines
  • Higher productivity for your workers
  • Lower maintenance costs and greater reliability

Typical power user roles:

  • Graphics & Video Designer
  • Computer Engineer
  • Digital Analyst
  • Financial Modeller

Which type of power users are in your organisation?

We look at 3 types of power user and assess how you can unleash the potential of your workers.

Extreme power user

Extreme power users working in office environments, like those using professional visual applications need the very best in performance that keeps pace with their fast-moving workload and helps them meet their expectations.

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On-the-go power user

Mobile power users demand agility, flexibility and most importantly portability from their IT kit without significantly impacting performance. Their requirements are similar to extreme power users but they need to work nomadically.

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Restless power user

Technology moves at a rapid pace which means sometimes components need to be replaced. For those who want to push the boundaries of possibility in their work, you can upgrade their machine to keep pace with technical advancements - so they don’t get left behind.

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