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BTnet - Dedicated Internet

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BTnet is BT’s flagship internet access product offering

  • A fully uncontended leased line connection from 2Mb to 10Gb that you’ll never share with other internet users
  • Only pay for the bandwidth you need with flexible costs
  • Stay protected from network crashes with a variety of resilience options
  • Now available with IPv6 as well as IPv4 addressing
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100% availability guaranteed or your money back*

Any organisation for whom connection to the internet is business critical needs a robust and reliable internet access solution. And you don’t get any more reliable than BTnet. In fact, it’s so reliable that we guarantee 100% availability 24 hours a day, every day, or your money back*. It’s no wonder BTnet is BT’s flagship leased line internet access product.

If your organisation needs fast data upload and download speeds free from the frustration of ‘bottlenecks’ during peak hours, you’ll appreciate the benefits of this solution.

Your connection is never shared with other internet users

With BTnet, your leased line connection is fully uncontended, which means you’ll never share it with other internet users. It’s like your very own fast lane of the motorway that other drivers can’t use.

BTnet sets new standards in speed, quality, ease of access and reliability for UK business internet users. The service is delivered by BT from start to finish with internet bandwidths ranging from 2Mbps to 10 Gbps.

So, if you’re running mission critical applications over the internet like content streaming, e-commerce or VoIP (Voice over IP), choose BTnet for total peace of mind.

Is BTnet suitable for me?
  • Do you experience low bandwidth performance due to sheer number of users?
  • Do you use the Internet for VoIP?
  • Is your organisation reliant on connection to the outside world – would downtime affect you?
  • Are you hosting data, streaming content, or running and e-commerce package?
  • Is Uploading /Upstream performance an issue for you?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then consider BTnet to super-charge your business with reliable, robust and incredibly fast connectivity.

Consider adding Smoothwall for maximum protection

Once you've decided to invest in a BTnet connection, consider adding Smoothwall - an integrated, secure and easily manageable environment that puts you in full control of your web security.

Our ICT specialists are here to offer free, no obligation advice

BT Business Direct's in-house team of ICT specialists are here to help you decide whether BTnet is right for your business. For friendly advice with no obligation to take your enquiry further, give us a call today or complete our quick form and we'll get right back to you (see top left of article).

Terms and conditions

*You will receive a reduction to your monthly service charge provided you report the outage and make a claim. Where the outage period (according to BT records) is 10 hours or less, BT will apply a reduction equivalent to 1 day’s rental charge per hour of downtime. Part hours will be rounded up to nearest hour. The max reduction applied per quarter will be capped at ten 10 hours of outage. See our website for full details and other conditions which apply.

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