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In an economic climate where everyone is focused on getting value for money, customers are increasingly discerning over what and where they choose to buy. The pressure is high for organisations to stay ahead of the pack and keep their competitive edge, no matter what products or services they're offering. But it's not just about winning customers. To get ahead and stay ahead, you need to keep costs under control and attract and retain the best talent too. That means creating an environment where your people can do their best work, achieve more and ultimately, deliver the best customer experience.

When it comes to making sure your business stands out from the crowd, there’s no simple “one size fits all” approach. Depending on the type of organisation, your approach could be to make processes leaner, saving both time and money, with a faster turnaround time.

If your organisation is profit making, you will almost certainly measure your success by improving your financial results. Working smarter will ultimately show on the bottom line and keep your shareholders happy.

If you’re a not-for-profit or a government body, you may not measure success by your bottom line. The most important element for you may involve saving money and making your resources stretch further, which will help you do more for less and provide a better service for your stakeholders.

Whether you think there's room for improvement by working faster or smarter, you'll always want to do it securely. Let us guide you through how BT, working with our key IT partners, can help you work faster, smarter and safer.


Improving your turnaround times will not just save time, it will also save money. Consider upgrading your end-user computing, improving your network, using time-saving tech and going mobile to facilitate working faster.


What kinds of changes could you implement to work smarter? Consider migrating to the cloud and choosing different solutions, things like managed print and Device as a Service. Making these changes will lead to better collaboration and improved efficiency.


Physical security is important, but it’s not the only element to consider when you’re thinking about working safer. Think about firewall implementation, device management and refreshing your device estate with models where security is built in at the core.

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