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They say children are our future, that’s why Dell has developed solutions that can be applied across the entire education sector, from primary schools to campus computing. They cover everything from standard education devices like laptops, desktops and tablets to interactive laser projection technology to the design and implementation of large unified communications solutions.

The Dell Difference

Education is forever changing and advancing, just like technology. That’s why, with Dell’s end-to-end solutions, you can ensure that your IT solution aligns to the needs of your institution. With Dell devices, you can be sure your students and staff will have the educational tools they need to enhance their education and prepare for their future.
Dell’s history of working closely with education customers means they have a comprehensive understanding of the most appropriate products for engaging students and utilising budgets. Dell aligns their solutions to four key customer imperatives:

  • Transform - Helping your organisation move from old underperforming technology to new digital learning technology.
  • Connect - Dell’s devices can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
  • Inform - Dell can help your institution turn your student data into insights, creating value from the information they create.
  • Protect - Dell makes it easy for you to overcome evolving security threats with their security software.


Today’s students expect to be able to bring in their own devices to access their educational resources on, anywhere, anytime. The Dell Education Mobility Solution allows schools to make sure they have more mobile, agile and collaborative learning facilities. Using technologies like Dell Clear Pass GuestConnect, your guests can easily connect any device, large or small…

Dell can work with you to ensure you have the best approach to BYOD, unified communications and collaboration. They can help you better understand the challenges you may face and develop a realistic path to achieve your goals. Dell aims to reduce risk, cost and time to ensure the best implementation and solution.

Benefits for students and staff

  • Your students have direct, 24/7 access to all their learning devices
  • Allows your students to have more freedom and more engaging learning environments
  • Improves accessibility so absent students can access their studies remotely
  • Easier to set and distribute your student assignments
  • Enabling faster and easier responses to your student enquiries

Unified Communications

Dell EMC’s Unified Communications (UC) Solutions give the opportunity to have new, rich learning environments remotely, to connect teachers with parents and allow your staff to collaborate with each other. Dell’s UC solution allows you to save on resources and focus your maximum energy, time and money on providing the best education to your pupils…

The Dell Unified Communications Solutions with Microsoft Lync 2013 provides a single application that unites voice, instant messaging, audio, video and web conferencing. Dell’s UC solutions can help you maximise the productivity of your administration and teaching staff.

Benefits for students and staff

  • You can offer a broader set of subjects by capturing lessons and accessing skills outside of school
  • Your teachers can carry on teaching through bad weather or travel disruptions
  • Less time spent on IT support and management
  • Easy access to hot-desks throughout the campus and have users extension numbers move with them

Education data management

The rewards of transforming data into useful insights can be invaluable. It can improve student recruitment, retention and attainment, deliver greater operational efficiency and improved reporting…

Dell helps schools create robust and high-quality education data management systems that are tailored specifically for that institution. These systems deliver the ability to efficiently analyse academic data and reports.

Benefits for students and staff

  • Improve student performance by actively involving each student with 24/7 self-service access to their own personalised learning data
  • Identifies and provides early intervention for at-risk students
  • Identifies specific areas of the curriculum that needs reinforcement
  • Higher student attainment through personalised learning from data insights


Education is undergoing fundamental changes. There’s been an increase in remote learning and people bringing their own devices in to learn. It is most important that they’re covered with security. As security has developed it has become more complex making it difficult and time-consuming to manage…

Dell Connected Security Solutions connects security across your data, infrastructure and applications. Dell embeds security into every device at the manufacturing stage, safeguarding data wherever and whenever.

Benefits for students and staff

  • Non-intrusive solutions means your students and parents are unaware of the background security and controls
  • Your students experience easy, fast and seamless access to their applications and data
  • Your students can efficiently access additional services offered like personalised learning
  • Dell’s security solutions assure that the institution complies with all data access and regulations
  • Costs are lower and predictable

Consulting services

Schools and universities around the world partner with Dell to transform the way they work, increase efficiency and reduce cost while continuing to provide high-quality services to their students. All Dell consultants are experienced experts with recognised industry leading certifications. Dell provides schools and universities with a single point of contact for their IT management to ensure they have the best support…

Dell understands the importance of budgets and sticking to them. They realise that institutions have to transform the way they work in order to stick to budgets. Based on experience and customer feedback, Dell provides repeatable architectures and service frameworks that reduce risk, cost and time and deliver ownership from end-to-end.

Meeting customer needs

Dell’s WADIM methodology (Workshop, Assessment, Design, Implementation and Management), is designed to help schools and institutions make the right decision based on their current position, objectives and budget.
Dell’s solutions bring value to customers, while efficient planning and delivery ensure the solutions can flex and grow over time to suit the ever changing needs of the institution.

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